Will She Ever Love Me?

Is this what you are asking yourself daily? Why is it that I love her but she won’t love me back the way that I do her?

These may be some of the most confusing things a man could ever go through. Not only is it confusing but it could also disturb any future relationships that he may have later on. The idea that the one you love doesn’t love you could turn your reality into a living night mare.

First, you must find out the reason why she doesn’t love you.. Is it your appearance, hygiene, the friends you hang out with or your demeanor? Perhaps something a long the way happened or she may have met someone else instead.

This is the most common one of course. Also, you may want to consider if she has had a change of heart when it comes to the behaviors of her sexuality among men or women if you want to effectively make up with her.

Often times, men will not ever grasp the fact that the loves does not love him back and this notion can linger on for years while at the same time thwarting the progression of other relationships in the future. In order to get her attention back and make up the way you need to, you may have to consider the aspects of writing her a hand written letter and not be so cling anymore. Women do not like clingyness and insecure men.

Try and distance yourself from her and create new activities and events that you can do without her. Than you can actually tell her that your life is great and that the activities that are included in your life have made you happier as a person.

Women love to see men that are happy, confident and not too clingy towards them. There needs to be 50/50 balance so that the emotional roller coaster evens out in the end.

Why Won’t She Call?

Why is it that every time you want to talk to her she doesn’t call you back?
Simple. Because she is playing mind games with you. What you need to do is give her a piece of her own medicine and not call her as well. Let me explain…

If you don’t call a woman or a man for about a week, they tend to go crazy and start wondering why you haven’t called them back. This is all about emotional power and you need to be at the better end of it. Trust me.

Giving your partner a little space in life is sometimes a good thing to do. What you don’t want to do is to continue to call and persist every day or every hour of the day. This kind of behavior will only push them away further. You want to hold your own and be the person that can take the emotional ups and down in a relationship. When they see that you can do this without bothering them so much, it will make quite an impression on you that they would have never realized before. It so easy to make a person want you again by not giving them the attention they received before. When they start missing this attention, they will come around. But bothering them will not make this happen. So keep your ground and maintain the confidence that you had in the beginning of the relationship.

You need to learn how to make her miss you by getting yourself involved with other social things that doesn’t include her. When she notices that you are doing fun and exciting things without her, (by word of mouth of course) she will then open up to you again and start calling you.

It is all about who gives in first. Remember not to call a girl every minute of the day. Not even every day for that matter. If you want to have her call you back make sure she calls you instead by playing the waiting game and not giving in to her mind games.

Now, she may or may not be interested in you anymore, but you are never going to know if you keep on being too persistent with her. Learn to step back so that you can make up with her even better in the long run.

Remember that no woman likes a clingy man and allowing yourselves a breather is always a sure way to make that heart grow fonder! Trust me I know.

When you start loving yourself first everything else will fall into place.

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