What Men Find Attractive in Women

What Men Find Attractive in Women

Here are some of the things that men find so attractive about a woman:

Her Smile: A woman’s smile is very important as well as the eyes.  These actually do say a lot when two people first met.

Her Hair: Most men like long hair in a woman. The flowing of long hair indicates sensuality and intrigue about a woman.

Her Physical features: A nice hourglass figure with nice buns is always pleasing to see for most men.

Her Pheromones: The scent of attraction is always an important factor to consider about women.

Dialogue: Having great communication with  women is a virtue that some women are lacking lately.

Signs of affections: Affection is what drives men wild for women.  Having this affection really does go a long way.

Signs of Caring: If you care for your man it will not go unnoticed.  Trust me.

Being there: Being there for your man in any kind of sticky situation will always give you points for the future.

Not being too clingy or needy: Never be too cling or needy to your man.  It is a turn off and he may seek his affection elsewhere.  Stand your ground and all will be well.

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