True Alpha Pheromones Review


True Pheromones TRUEAlpha – The Ultimate Oil Based Pheromone For Men

This is another Alpha male effect oil based pheromone that produces confidence sex appeal and really does have a lot of pheromones in it. If you are looking for Sex appeal, status, trust, respect this has all the qualities for it. Demanding the attention and respect from both men and women will certainly bring you the charm you need.

TRUE Alpha men’s pheromone cologne is a potent slow release pheromone oil additive for men. Apply one drop to a warm area of your body close to the pulse points, such as behind each of the ears, and increase drops as you discover the best amount to achieve your desired results.

If you want to feel like you are king of the world achieving extreme masculinity and dominance, this may be what you need.  Wearing too much may make you seem like you are coming on too strong, so know your own dosage and skin requirements.  Adding copulins which may cost extra, may help soothe this aggressive behavior.  Oil based pheromones last quite a while.  Usually up to 8 to 10 hours.  So apply with caution and use wisely.


Total Pheromone Content :    13,334 mcg (47.6 mcg/drop)
Dosage:     1 to 5 drops MAX (risk of overdose)
Drops Per Bottle:      280 drops (+/- 10 drops)
Volume Per Bottle:    Total Volume     10ML
Pheromone Scent:   Unscented
Duration of Pheromone Effects:    8 to 10 hours (slow-release pheromones)

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