Ten by Intense Gay Pheromones Review

ten by intense pheromone cologne

Ten  pheromone cologne is a fresh smelling slightly citrusy scent mixed with cedarwood and patchouli.It really does stimulate the senses and has gotten a lot of good reviews online This is one of the first gay pheromones out there.

Although, there are others that do work better in my opinion.

The only downfall of this great scent is its high price tag reach over 60+ dollars in retail.

But it seems to do a pretty good job in attracting other men. Especially if you are gay.

L’ uomo gay pheromones seems to do a better job in my opinion and experiences. Its potent pheromones deliver such amazing results that you would have to try it for yourself.  No need to spend so much money when L’ uomo pheromone cologne works great, if not better.

TEN by Intense was launched in 1999 and  is the first fragrance formulated with the unique male-to-male pheromone formula to attract other men.



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