List of Top Pheromone Perfumes That Will Drive Him Crazy

Women these days have so many tactics to get a man’s attention, that it almost works every time for them.  Some are luckier than others though.I am about to tell you why. Unlike the designer fragrances that are so abundant READ MORE

Hax Pheromones Best Sellers List

1. Holy Grail PHEROMONE COMPOSITION (DOSE):   Androstadienone (x2), Androstenone (x2), alpha-Androstenol (x3), beta-Androstenol (x3), Androsterone, Epiandrosterone (x2), Androstanone, Androstadienol (x3), Estratetraenol, DHEA Sulfate, Oxytocin, Copulins PHEROMONE CONTENT:  49.9 mg/bottle (10, plus Oxytocin and Copulins) VOLUME:  0.39 FL OZ DOSE:  2-5 READ MORE

List of the Top Sexy Pheromone Scents That Will Drive Her Crazy!

List of sexy scents that will drive her crazy.  These are the current and top trends that are shaping the new landscape of the dating scene.  It is not only imperative but a most have in your pocket or if READ MORE