Score Pheromone Review

Have you ever heard of Score 100 Pheromones? The pheromone contents include androstenone.

Androsotenone is an effective human pheromone that works very well in attracting members of the opposite sex.

Especially when you least expect it to. Score pheromones was designed to help men attract women.

The company claims that men can attract women no matter what.

Even though it offers a 30 day money back guarantee does score pheromones live up to its name?

Is it Long Lasting?

The cologne last for several hours but the full longevity of this product did not last very long.

Although it does smell good.

Score Pheromones is easy to apply.  I would recommend applying in the pulse points for effective use.

According to the manufacturer, as soon as you start approaching women, you will then begin to see women giving you the attention needed.

My Experience

I have used score pheromones on several occasions and it did not work very well for me.

The longevity did not last as long as I would have expected it to.

For my personal use I would rather use Max Attraction Gold.

It has been proven to give real longevity and maximum attraction among women.


  • Offers a 30 day money back guarantee
  • Score is quite affordable


  • Cologne may not work for everyone

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