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Women’s Realm Pheromones Review:


When I first smelled Realm for women, I was automatically captivated by its intriguing scent of seduction. It reminded me of Eternity perfume for women but it also had something else that was most fascinating. There was a certain closeness about a woman that I felt.

I am a man and smelling this scent literally blew me away. I was already a fan favorite of Eternity perfume for women and smelling this made me think of that. Also knowing that it has human pheromones in it was also quite nice. I like it so much I bought a bottle for my wife.

Since then I haven’t been able to get my hands off of her when she uses it. There is something special to say about a wonderful smelling perfume that contains pheromones in it and Realm was no exception at all. I truly adored the scent and it can make a great signature scent for any woman. Realm Pheromones was introduced by Erox in 1993.

Realm pheromones is a most subtle oriental type of fragrance with an aromatic blend of mandarin, water lily, sandalwood, vanilla, cedar, honey, amber and pheromones. It is most recommended for romantic wear.

By far the scent is most romantic and and sensual at its finest.  I would recommend it to anyone that loves a little more romance and intimacy in their lives.




Men’s Realm Pheromones Review:

Realm for men is a perfect blend of sharp oriental and woodsy fragrance. The notes include hints of orange, berry, and ginger mandarin and pheromones.

I have had much luck with women while using this pheromone cologne. It is absolutely amazing and I love the results I get from them.  An increase in flirtation, eye contact, smiles and an overall wellness of confidence consumes me each and every time I wear it.

I just wish I would have used it a couple years back.  Maybe things would have been different for me.  You can spray this wonderful scent on your pulse point for the best results.

And you can be sure to be turning heads with this lovely scent that truly drives women wild.  Overall this is a great pheromone cologne for men and the popularity of this scent is growing each and every day among young adults in the dating and relationship scenes.

If you are a man in today’s world than you can understand the importance of smelling good and being able to pick up women easily.  Realm pheromones can truly give you the advantage that you need to deliver optimal results and reaction from women around you.

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  1. I use Realm for women and I love the results I get from my man. He absolutely loves it on me. I wonder if I should get the Mens version for him. I just may after all! This is a wonderful scent that truly works great. Thanks for a great recommendation!

  2. Realm is simply amazing! I am so attracted to women when I smell the female version on them…There is nothing like a woman wearing pheromones. I bought some for my wife and I simply cannot get enough of her. Thanks for the great recommendation…Paul from Ma-

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