Pure Instinct Pheromone Cologne Review



My friend owns this and I used it while visiting one day. Afterwards, I HAD to buy my own for my birthday!

What I love about this is that initially this oil based perfume/pheromone has a sweet smell (I don’t like THAT smell. Smells like sweet candy grapes, maybe?) but as it blends with your own personal chemistry, it changes to your smell and the initial sweet smell of the product is gone. So each person has their own smell- musky, fruity, deep and sensual, wide and complicated, smokey, etc. I like to say that that’s what I really truly smell like, the smell I have when I use this product on my skin.

I gave this 4 stars because your smell fades so quickly. BUMMER! I wish I could bottle up MY smell, as it develops from this product, and spray that on me all the time!!

I think this product works best when applied in areas where you might sweat more, because your sweat aka your natural pheromones, mix with this product to produce more of your natural smell— or something like that. Simply put, if you sweat in the same area where you applied this, you can smell YOU more. So areas like the back of your neck, the crease in your elbow, and maybe for those who have boob cleavage (and who sweat in there?), THERE! lol! That would work best for the sexual enhancement this is, as well as a perfect place to draw men towards. hahahaha (I also noticed that if I put this on my neck, while blow drying my hair afterwards, the heat of the air brings out the pheromone smell. So it might just be wherever your body warms up vs. where you sweat.)

Last, about the pheromones themselves– I did not know if the pheromones themselves worked but did not buy this bottle for that purpose. Irregardless, I wanted to test it out. I brought this bottle to a co-ed relaxed evening of hanging out, and I had actually peeled the label off this bottle before I brought it. I told everyone that this was an oil that brings out your natural smell. Everyone wanted to try so I rubbed a bit on everyone’s forearm, girls and guys alike. No one knew what it really was (winky winky). After 15 minutes we started to smell each other to see what our personal smell was like, and lemme tell yah! The guy I was not attracted to, after I smelled him and noticed he smelled like deep woods, OH MY! Hold me back! And that’s when I realized this stuff can work wonders. Because I myself, a pretty stable and centered person who doesn’t easily fall for people or whims, was suddenly quite attracted to Mr. Deep Woods smell over there. I had to sit across the room so as to stop myself from leaning into him. HA!!! Very fun experiment.

So overall, great product. One less star bc MY natural smell which I LOVE, didn’t last long. But, I will purchase again!

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