Pherx Pheromones Review

Pherx Pheromones have been well known in the dating and club scene.  More and more of today’s young adults are turning to Pherx pheromone for that cutting edge in landing the right woman when going out.  My experience with Pherx was ok but could have been better.  I wish I could say that it was a better projecting pheromone cologne but it isn’t. Although it does smell great!

Pherx is a pheromone cologne for men that has a nice fragrance and can really make the atmosphere change for you and the person that you are with.

The pheromone contents of Pherx include Androstenone, Androstenol, Androsterone and Androstadienone.  PherX pheromones is sold in a one ounce bottle for $29.95 which makes this a hot and affordable product for people wanting to gain the extra advantage in attraction and intimacy among others. It is not a bad price at all for this type of pheromone cologne for men.

The dating scene is embracing this type of pheromone cologne because of the effects that it directly has among members of the opposite sex. Men are strategically adding pheromones on their clothes to gain the upper advantage and land a woman of their dreams. For the most part it is working quite well for them.

Pherx works ok in both men and women. But, I notice more results under closer contact.  There are even varieties for gay and lesbian women too.  So, the results of attraction are quite unlimited when you think about it.



My Experience with Pherx

My experience with Pherx pheromones has been quite interesting.  I have noticed a slight embrace when it comes to being close to women.  They seem to want to get under your skin when wearing this pheromone attractant. But the scent does not last too long.  I love the way that it smells but I am not sure if is the pheromone content is effective enough.

I like to use Pherx at night time and I like to play around with the idea of its attraction and come close to women to see how they react to it.  So far, the results could have been better. I get the usual eye contact, conversation and a willingness to get to know me more and I wonder if it is Pherx working or just my good looks and charm.

Unlike other pheromones that cause me irritability and aggression, I noticed that Pherx calms me down and allows women around me to become more comfortable and at ease around me.  When you have comfort and trust in women, than the rest is sure to follow along.

As far as my nightly experiences go with Pherx I can say that this works ok if you are really close to a woman. If not, it can be like any other cologne that does not project well.

Duration of Time

The scent lasted for about an hour and I didn’t feel overwhelmed by it at all. Pherx comes in a small spray bottle, which makes it easy to apply anywhere. The best method of applying this is in the pulse points for the most optimal effects.



  • You can get a 30 day money back guarantee
  • These pheromones quite affordable and portable to use anywhere
  • They come in varieties to attract the opposite sex or the same sex


  • The scent does not project for ours at a time.



In my experience, if you want a scent that projects better, smells great and is effective in attracting the women, then Max Attraction Gold Pheromones is what you need.


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3 thoughts on “Pherx Pheromones Review”

  1. Great pheromone here. I use it all the time and the results have been outstanding for me!! Thanks… Adam-

  2. I was using this one the other night and I had 2 girls come up to me..I had a great night with them and took them back at my place later. This doesn’t usually happen to me but I was wearing Pherx pheromones that night and I am happy that I did…John R.-

  3. Pherx works great!! Thanks for recommending such a wonderful scented pheromone that works. I have used this on many women and the results are absolutely phenomenal for me and it smells great! I will be back to buy more soon.

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