Pheromones for Women to Attract Men

Pheromones for Women to Attract Men

Here are some of the unique pheromones for women to attract men in .  Below we have Jo women, Mistress pheromones, Tempt, Female pheromones and Hide pheromones. The one that looks like a Peacock in the Blue bottle is called “Attract men”.  I’m sure they could have come up with a more original name though.  Although I do like the bottle.  They need to make more like these. You see, women do a have a variety to choose from the so many that are already out there. Mistress seems to be one of the popular ones though that I have seen.

HIDE-Pheromone-for-Women-10-Milliliter 34134 system jo women pheromone Pheromones-Only-for-Women-Perfume-Cologne tempt-wommanx-pheromones OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA pheromones_f

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  1. good collection, specially the peacock perfume. it’s really nice looking and very strong attractive bottle of perfume. i like these……..