Pheromax is 14 ml in size!  The pheromone contents, which are (14ml) are extremely concentrated and packed into a very strong metal cylindrical atomizer. The atomizer can be opened so that you can add your own cover fragrance to the unscented Pheromax and/or use the atomizer over and over with your own favorite pheromone mixtures.

The Men’s 14 ml comes in both the original and newly updated formulas. I would have to say that this cologne for men and women are another popular brand of human pheromones that delivers optimal results of effective attraction from the opposite sex.

One of the most alluring pheromone fragrances that could have ever come from the European market.  It has been tested and verified to work effectively in any social or club scene for that matter.

In the European culture it has risen to the top many times as being of of the most effective players in the pheromone industry and it is now welcomed in the USA as well for its effectiveness.

When was the last time you walk ed past somebody with this stuff on?  The last time id did, I was turning heads and getting that social attention that always feels good to get.

The women’s version of Pheromax, employs 3 mg copulins and 2mg androstenol, while the men’s version of Pheromax, employs 3 mg androstenone and 2 mg androstenol.

My experience has been a great one.  Not only does it attract the opposite sex so well, it makes the experiences that much more worthwhile. Now you can successfully attract others with the strategic advantage that most people are now using in the dating and social scenes.

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3 thoughts on “Pheromax”

  1. I absolutely love this scent on me and I can tell you now that it works very well as women approach me. A job well done indeed!! Thomas-

  2. Can you say wow?! I was on a date 2 nights ago and I wore the Pheromax version for women. The scent is incredible and I got a great reaction from my boyfriend. Needless to say, he was impressed and we finished off the night to make it more memorable. I love this stuff! Charlotte from New Jersey~

  3. I use Pheromax every day and love it! I also use it as a cover scent for my other designer colognes. This was very well made. Thanks for recommending it. These pheromones are beyond words. My little secret..

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