Pherlure Pheromone Review


Pherlure pheromone cologne is said to attract women with its most alluring and captivating scent of attraction~ But does it really work well?

It has been tested by the University of Illinois in Chicago. It’s always good to know of a pheromone has been scientifically tested for effectiveness and worthyness.

How does Pherlure Work? First off, Pheromones are natural chemicals that send out subconscious scent signals to the opposite sex.

These pheromones trigger very powerful sexual responses among member of the oppsosit sex.

The Vonomeronasal Organ (VNO), which is an organ located 3 inches inside the nose. It is said to be receive this chemical communication and sexual readiness called pheromones.

Pherlure also contains Di-Dehydroepiandrosterone pheromone.

My Experience?

The product is easy to apply on the pulse point or clothes and has quite an appealing fragrance.

The large bottle will be sure to give you many nights of unlimited sexual attraction with a single spray of seduction.

I have received quite a few compliments when wearing this fragrance which gave me a certain satisfaction. Although, I would prefer to use Max Attraction Gold which is more effective in its potency.

The results include : More eye contact, inviting gestures and more full filled dating experiences.

Pherlure has received sevral positive feedbacks from both women and men. Sure I have tried it but Max Attraction Gold or Pherazone seems to give me more of an ummmph when it comes to having women around me.


– Appealing Fragrance

– Bottle is quite large and plentiful

– Web orders are security verified

– Offers a 30 day-money back guarantee – Ships Fast and discreetly


– Using Pheromones works when you are out in public not at home desperately waiting for women to come to you.

In Conclusion:

Pherlure seems to be quite a formidable cologne but is longevity and potency may be in question. It is not my top Pheromone recommendation. Price Range: $39.95 Guarantees a 30-day 100% Money-back Guarantee

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