Pherazone pheromone cologne has been known to increase intimacy, attention, flirtation and affection among new couples that are dating and couples that are currently in a relationship and marriage.

If you are looking to attract women with the most effective and great smelling pheromone cologne around , than you have finally found what you are looking for. Out of all the different pheromones that I have used, this one would have to be my very favorite to use when I go out for the evening.

It also comes in scented and unscented versions for both men and women to experience its allure. Attracting who you want, when you want, is a most intriguing aspect of human sensuality. This sensual pheromone will not only give you the results you need but also the experience that comes with a scent of attraction that works most effectively.

Pherazone contains 18 mg of optimized pheromones per bottle which include androstenol, androstenone and androstadienone. This brings it up to 3 times stronger than other brands in the market today. It is very important to get the most effective results possible whenever you venture out to secure your own mate. So, is there a pherazone coupon available?

An Experience with Pherazone



My experience with Pherazone has proven wondrous results that I can only begin to explain it in the form of intrigue itself. The idea of attracting women with a pheromone cologne such as Pherazone has allowed many people to effectively attract the opposite sex in the most alluring and mysterious ways.

I was out one night debating or not whether I should try a pheromone cologne to enhance my ability to pick up women. When I decided to use Pherazone to my advantage I was shocked to see women actually reacting differently to me. I automatically noticed a sudden peak of interest and desire of women to get to know me more.

The increase in conversation and closeness was next to me for most of the night. Most of my other experiences without wearing a pheromones scent always seemed to hard to achieve. Nevertheless, the scent of attraction that I was wearing was quite provoking to women. They seemed more attentive and flirtatious with me and I really liked that.

No more words like I don’t know or maybe next time. Now I was hearing words like “lets go to my place” or “let’s get out of here early”. While raising an eyebrow I quickly agreed to their demands and have imprinted the wondrous experiences in my mind. If I had only knew that a scent of attraction favored me so, I would have worn it several years back. Maybe things would have been much different.

When it comes to this Pherazone review, the art of attraction has never been more simple.  Just a dab or two on the pulse points or on your clothes can distinguish you from the rest of the competition out there. If you have the right chemistry with someone, than the rest of the magic is sure to follow.  Just don’t forget to also work your charm when needed.

Can you imagine having more successful dates, more satisfying sex and, and instantly attract who you want? If you are like most men who have grown tired and frustrated of dating, not enough sex in their lives, or the feeling that they could never get that one special woman, then there is hope for you yet. Scientists have effectively discovered one of nature’s secrets that is strong enough to attract women and increase sexual intimacy among couples.

So be careful, this isn’t Axe for men, this is Pherazone!

This unique and aromatic blend of optimized pheromones smells very similar to the “citrusy” Acqua di Gio cologne. Which is one of my favorite colognes, by the way.

  • Superior pheromone blend 18 mg
  • Patiently tested and contains a great aromatic scent for men to successfully attract women
  • Contains a complete Sexual techniques and Seduction instruction DVD course ware.
  • Pherazone has an amazing proprietary blend of concentrated and optimized pheromones for maximum potency and effectiveness to attract the woman of your dreams.

 Pheromone Comparison

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  1. just got my bottle of Pherozone today and i cant wait to try it out even though I am very sceptical about the effects it’s meant to have.I will keep you posted.

  2. can you suggest that it available in india [goa.] I would like to buy it.
    Or which other best brands are available . Let me know.
    with best regards

  3. Does it really works guys? I mean not the nice smell, but the pheromones attraction effect.

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