Max Attraction Gold – Pheromone Cologne to Attract Women

 Max Attraction Gold


Max Attraction Gold is a powerful pheromone cologne that I actually love to wear. It is refreshing and easy to wear for most men. It has one of the highest concentrations of any pheromone in the market today. Max Attraction contains 17.8 mg of human pheromones per bottle and it only takes one spray of this alluring pheromone cologne to make a woman go crazy for you.

When wearing this, women seemed more attentive, receptive and more conversational.  I also noticed increased eye contact, great smiles and body language that made me believe that they were interested in me.  I like this most of all.

This strong pheromone content exceeded my expectations for the evening. It is not too overpowering and it is quite enjoyable for the ladies to take in.  And I’m even talking about minutes within applying the spray on my skin.

The pheromone spray also comes with a DVD package that can show you great dating and social tips when out using Max Attraction pheromones. I found it to be very helpful along with the pheromone use.

Pheromones Contents include: Androstenol, Androstenone and Androsterone.

Pros: Contains 3x the potency (17.8 mg) of other pheromone products. Works amazingly well on any type of woman Ships with 3 bonus DVDs on seducing women

Cons: Costs a little more than other pheromones Results: My experience while using Max attraction pheromones has been quite a delightful one. Make sure to keep your looks up and also try to make the best impression possible. This is always important as well in attracting the women. closer to you.

My Experiences with Max Attraction Gold

Max attraction gold is potent so one spray for me has always been enough.  Unless you want to add one spray to your wrist and another one in your chest. But one spray is more likely good enough.  The little bottle is famous enough for what is has done for people when it comes to attracting others.  Just make sure you don’t over use this one. The smells is excellent for the amount of potency that it has. Your dates and relationships will probably never be the same after you start wearing this one.  The company itself has been in business for over ten years and in that fact alone, you can see how reputable this fragrance has been.

If you are married then you know how it must be like when you are not getting the attention that you need from your wife.  Introducing the elements of pheromones to your body chemistry can amplify the effects needed to increase the levels of attraction that have been dormant since you had kids or if sex with your wife has entirely  diminished.  Want you want to do is to introduce the desires that she once had for you that were so evident and strong in the beginning of the marriage or relationship.  These were always the most important times when two people are in love.  The challenge if you want to call it that is to continue to experience what loving feeling towards your spouse in any ways possible that can bring her closer to you.

What you want is that loving feeling and that desire for the love of your life to be re-introduced into your life. Because when life comes into play, things and situations of life itself can deter the amount of attention and affection that you may want from her. I have noticed that the direct intimacy that I have experienced was amplified when using this product.  I only use one spray and have found that it has been effective enough for me to experience her increase in desires for me.  What you really want is to get her to the point that she is literally scratching your back because she is in the “Moment”.

And being in the moment more often than not, is what we all want to feel when we are with the woman of our lives. There is not a worse feeling in the world than to have sex with the one that you love and her attention, affection and desires for you is not completely “all there”. Its embarrassing and it feels shameful. I don’t like it any more than you do. Pheromones have always given me the ability to strengthen our bond together and Max Attraction Gold  is one of many methods that you can use to strengthen this type of bond with each other.  It may not be the only one available but it is one way of doing so. Live the life of a great relationship or marriage that you possibly can. Why even bother experiencing less than intimate moments with the woman of your life?

There will always be times where your natural level of pheromones is greater than others.  But, what if you can maintain that level of potency in your body at all times so that you will never be off guard again when intimate moments arise in the appropriate occasion. You can even strategically spray your wife’s pillow underneath during bedtime, so that she can continuously receive the flow of pheromones each and every night.  The amount of ideas that you can have and play with are endless.

Have you ever felt more attracted to your wife when she was in her menstrual cycle?  Well, this is because she is releasing more pheromones within her body that are called copulins.  These are in essence, the female version of pheromones that are released from within a woman’s body.  During her menstrual cycle, see if you can notice how more attracted you are to her when she is around your presence.  Then, you will see how the invisible effects of pheromones really are.  These magical moments of being more aware of your presence with her will open you up to the idea that in fact an increased amount of pheromones in the body can really make quite as significant difference, when romance is involved.

I am even aware of how more attractive my wife is when she is on her menstrual cycle because of the invisible and magical flow that is being played out around her.  This in essence, is the natural way nature plays in the part of attracting human beings together.  You can even notice this, even days before she is on her period. This is the exact right time to engage in intimacy where she will be most heightened by the experience itself.

That’s why she always says to me”  No wonder you are always attracted to me during my period.”  And she is right! And she doesn’t even have to wear synthetic pheromones at all.  If she does that is her choice.  But here, you can see how nature allows the amplification effects of pheromones from within the body to be fully exposed to the senses of the husband around her.  And this works so effectively that we usually don’t even notice or are aware of its most subtle but lasting effects that it has on us.

That is why I say that Max Attraction gold will work just as well for her to experience the desires that come into play when you are trying to attract her, using the same method that she attracts you during her menstrual cycles. Amplified pheromones can really make a difference to attract her just as nature has allowed her to attract you without you even noticing. Something to consider, wouldn’t you say? I can say that since I have used several types of pheromone sprays, this one did seem to work in a way that can make a difference in your life.  That’s if you do want to make a positive change in your life. Happy attracting!

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14 Responses to “Max Attraction Gold – Pheromone Cologne to Attract Women”

  1. This Really Works! says:

    I have to tell you that when I first tried it I was skeptical for sure. But, after wards I experienced the attraction and attention that I needed from other women. I really do appreciate you for recommending this to me. It has changed my world for the better. You are right when you said it was strategic to use. Man this one blew me away. No more lonely nights!..haha

    Robert- in Calif.

  2. Ashton says:

    I went out the other night and used this. All I can say is WOW!! What a response I got form the ladies. And I didn’t even have to do much either. No wonder it is called max attraction….There is something about it that really captivates the women and I love it! Will purchase again!!!


  3. Robert says:

    About how many sprays can you get away with using? 2 or 3? I like it to be most effective as possible..

  4. admin says:

    Hello Robert, thanks for commenting. One spray on the body or clothes is enough when wearing Max Attraction Gold. You don’t want to overdo it. I have found that just one spray is as effective as it should be and works great.

  5. Robert says:

    Good to hear. That’s what I thought too. Can’t wait to try it and I will let you know the results! Robert

  6. Xavier Jones says:

    Even though the bottle is small it truly packs a punch when you go out. I love how I can only use 1 spray to get the results that I need from it. It truly works wonders and I can’t wait to wear it tonight. The ladies await and I am excited. Here I come Saturday night! XJ-

  7. Jason Thorn says:

    This one left quite an impression on a young lady when I wore it one evening out. I felt that she never could never forget about me and I liked this most of all about this scent. Thanks again for the great recommendation!!

  8. Richard S. says:

    Crisp, fresh, and easy to use. I use 2 sprays. One on the neck pulse points and the other on the wrist. Smells great and I do notice more reactions from women in my work area. Even in dates I often notice other women eyeballing me and give me the certain nod and smiles as I pass by. When they come up to talk to me I know it has made its mark on women. Just love it!!

  9. Austin says:

    Man, I like how this smells and I noticed my girlfriend so attracted to me and it was so animalistic. The night was unforgettable and it brought in such passion that I could not even put into words. Awesome stuff. Works great!

  10. Elijah Walker says:

    I have landed many women with this one. For two nights in a row, I gathered quite a following while wearing this pheromone cologne. Max Attraction Gold really does do what it says it does. The scent has the perfect combination to really get the women going and I can tell you now that my experiences with this is truly the best I have had. Thanks again for an in depth review of this. Elijah W.- TN

  11. George C. says:

    I love this scent. Not too overpowering and really works in my intimate encounters with women. Terrific to attract any woman closer to you, thanks for a great recommendation!

  12. Jeremy Miller says:

    Tried it, Loved it and will be back for more. What an appeal to women!! J.M.

  13. Trisha says:

    I bought this scent for my husband to test it out and I can tell you now that I was really impressed in our encounters in the bed. It was beyond comprehension and the sexual instinct was so there. Absolutely love it!!

  14. Kamal says:

    This pheromones cologne is Magical !
    just wear it , act normal , & be very prepaid to talk to any woman , definitely any Woman of your Dream , & you will be very Amazed with the results !
    Remember this Cologne will UNDRESS any Woman for sure , trust me !
    I call it a Miracle cologne !
    after using it , It helped me to get back my Life on Track , from being Jobless , broke , depressed , desperate , lonely & now , not Anymore !
    Try it to find out for Yourself