Max Attraction Silk

 Max Attraction Silk

Max Attraction Silk is a quite powerful and sexy pheromone perfume for women. Max Attraction Silk contains 3 times the potency of other leading pheromone brands and comes in a sensual and warm fragrance that men can’t resist. Included in Max Attraction Silk are copulins.  These are the female pheromones that women produce.

Copulins – one of the essential pheromone ingredients that are naturally secreted into a woman’s vagina around the time of ovulation, and the scent of this pheromone can elicit up to a 150 percent increase in testosterone in men, causing male arousal and sexual attraction to women. That’s why men are so attracted to women during these times.

Women naturally secret an amplified amount of pheromones naturally during the peak periods in their menstrual cycle.  But these are the only times that the increase of pheromones that are created within them are released.  The idea is to have an increase amount of pheromone even during the times that the menstrual cycle is not present.  When Max Attraction Silk is applied during the times that they are need.  Men really catch up on the subtle effects are become more interested as their testosterone increases significantly.  This is why when women wear pheromone it is always a type of win win situation for herself and the man she is trying to attract.


Married Couples

When you introduce Max attraction silk into the bedroom when you are married, you will notice a difference in how your man behaves.  Some women even put s spray of this underneath the pillow case of them men in their lives to make them be more attracted to them.  This is quite an effective strategy to use if you don’t want to continuously wear pheromone on your body each and every night.

Although their are many ideas to this concept.  This is just one of many that you can play around with to increase the attention and affection needed form your husband. Especially after he worked hard all day long.  The least that you can give him is a memorable experience of intimacy followed with a great nights sleep.  Hoping of course that the proceeding night will bring back that exciting experience of intimacy.

Ultimately, this is what you want to do.  The idea is to keep your husband attracted to you each and every night.  The percentage is a lot more significant as if you were not wearing anything at all.  SO the more you emphasis the fact that you are wearing Max Attraction Silk or any other pheromone perfume for that matter, your chance improve significantly for the better.


Dating has never been more exciting now that you know how pheromone can make such a significant difference in your strategy.  Many women have expressed their delight on how effective Max Attraction Silk  has helped them.  Not only does it smell wonderful to the sense but you can imagine how a man must feel around a woman wearing this. The nights are more exciting and every experience is always new and wonderful. Since this is potent one spray will do. Unless you are bold enough to really get your moneys worth by experiencing more in life.  Dating will never be the same.  Are you sure you are up for it?

While you are dancing you can see how these effects are magnetizing when you consider how the elements involved can create such a captivating experience. Love is the expression of freedom when it is displayed with the use of such a scent of attraction.  Have you ever sent a letter to someone while spraying this on the card? Y0u will have that person captivated as he first reads your letter.

Time Duration:

Max Attraction Silk is said to last about 4 to 6 hours and only require about 2 to 3 drops only for full effectiveness. You don’t want to use too much of this though because it can be overpowering, just like anything else.


  • Sexual aroma entices men with effective results
  • Excellent for dating
  • Has an overwhelming feedback of positive reviews from customers who bought this product


  • A bit more costlier than other brands

Pheromones Contents include:

  • Androstenol
  • Copulins


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9 thoughts on “Max Attraction Silk”

  1. Truly a most splendid fragrance! I love how it smells on me and the compliments that I get from other men are outstanding! It has been quite an experience, let me tell you. A hidden treasure for sure!!

  2. Oh my god this is just a wonderful pheromone perfume for the senses! I love it too! Thanks for the information…I am also looking for another copulins perfume for me. Any recommendations?

  3. I get some of the best results with Max Attraction Silk..I can’t wait for my next order. There is just something most alluring about it when I wear it. My man gives me that extra attention that I need. A truly lovely scent for sure..Thanks!!

  4. It’s not only sensual but it really delivers the results I needed. I was trying to get the attention of this guy that I liked for some time now and now I finally get his attention. Not bad at all. I hope to see what else brings me as the time comes. Awesome results! Sarah C-

  5. Did you know that I could’t even believe that this stuff really works but it does. The scent is nice and I love how men react to it when I wear it. Just the presence of this stuff is trully amazing. Almost like seductive magic in a bottle. I feel like the Queen of the world when I wear Max Attraction Silk. Thanks again!

  6. One of the most alluring scents that I have ever come in contact with. Men react to me in a most alluring way and I love the attention I get from my man when I wear it. Is there magic in this bottle? Oh well, it works. Thanks again.

  7. Wow!! I love this beautiful and enticing scent. When it comes to one of the more finer pheromone perfumes in the market today, I would have to say that this one surely does carry its weight. I bought two of these last week and can’t begin to tell you how many responses I have had with Max Attraction Silk. Men seem to just flock over me and give the needed attention I so desired for. Once again a charmer indeed. Lovely and sure to be a hidden treasure of attraction for me. Emily from Michigan-

  8. I am in love with pheromones and by far this one is the best one that I have used in the womens version. I will be getting another soon. Extravagant and seductive in my previous experiences!!

  9. I have had the best responses with this one every time I wear it. It’s like some awesome magnetic juice that attracts men closer to me and invites them over for a conversation so easily. I love that about this scent. So far it has not let me down. I don’t tell too many people about what I wear, but I can tell you now that I will probably be keeping this in my collection of scents that really do attract men my way. What a charm. Careful ladies this stuff really works. Use sparingly. -Satisfied from Shreveport, Louisiana.

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