The Many Types of Emotional Relationships Include…

Love Hate Relationships

Can love hate relationships work? Love hate relationships are probably one of the most common relationships around today. One minute you love the person and the next minute you simply cannot stand them. So, why is this? Have you lost that passion that you once had for each other? Where did it all go?

What angers you about this person to make you feel like this? Is it just one sided or are you both feeling the way? So many question to ask so little time right? Most couples do not even know how to magically make up with the one that they love.

Either way, you have lost some kind of touch and affection that you once had for each other. If you feel like you always bully your partner or spouse and treat them like a punching bag, then it may be clear enough to understand that you need to fix your relationship for the better.

Love hate relationships usually don’t last too long if you do not deal with the issues that are effectively making this happen in the first place. What you need to understand is that although there are going to be times that you agree and disagree with your partner, there must be an effective method of dealing with a love hate relationship accordingly.

Some of the best ways to deal with love hate relationships are too:

1. Stop criticizing each other.

2. Accept that you both have faults and issues that can be dealt with accordingly.

3. Forgive each other for things that are irrelevant. Put the past behind you as to not hold any grudges.

4. Think more positive of your partner or spouse. It will reflect well for them that you do this. In turn you will receive the same in time.

5. Share more of life’s experiences and pleasures together. Remember that the more memories you make the better the relationship or marriage will turn out in the long run. There is nothing better that reminiscing of a wonderful past experience that was once shared with your loved one.

You must ask yourself if this relationship is really making you happy or if you want o help make it evolve into other levels of satisfaction and prosperity. A love hate relationship will always feel like a roller coaster ride with its constant ups and down effects. This is usually never good for a relationship to grow and evolve.

“Depression Relationship”

Are you in a depression relationship and you don’t know how to get out of it? Are you or your partner in a depressive state and don’t know how you got there? This may be due to financial reason, a new birth or any unknown reasons that you may be directly facing in your life.

Although life and handleing an uncertain relationship can be hard it is always important to know that you can overcome it effectively. Ask yourself how you got to this point of depression. If it is not you and it is your partner or spouse, be there for them to see it through. Remember that when in a depression relationship it is not just one person , but two that must work together for it to pass.

A depression relationship can linger on for months and even years if not worked on. Sometimes you may need to get your spouse or partner away from the every day norm of things. Introducing new concepts and ideas about how to go about life can open up new opportunities and doors to full filling something that is most desired in life to alleviate a depressive mood. This will benefit you both in turning around a relationship filled with depression and discontent of each other.

Awake a new person into yourself or that of your spouse. If you know that your partner is being unfaithful to you and you know about it, this may also cause you to become depressed in a relationship. Although you may know whats going on you want to keep your partner or spouse at any cost.

Although, the though of them having an affair with someone else is heartbreaking, you must understand the concepts of alleviating this most effectively by introducing a new concept that you and your partner can experience together. Sharing in a relation is most important especially if a cloud of depression overcomes you or your partner.

Steps to alleviate a depression relationship include:

1. Exercise: Go out and exercise your worries away. You will be surprised of the burden that would be lifted when you do this each day.

2. Go out and experience new things with your partner or spouse. Check out a new city in the weekend and convince them that it will be worth their while if you do this.

3. Seek medication or alternate methods if your depression continues over a long period of time. Do not introduce alcohol or drugs to alleviate a depression relationship with your partner or spouse. Learn to cope and move on from worries that may directly affect your depression any further.

4. If the finances are worrying you make sure you put some money away for yourself or your family and pay yourself first. Knowing that you have money somewhere brings you a certain peace and significance.

5. If you are dealing with infidelity in a relationship and it is causing you to become depressed. Confront this most carefully. You don’t want to push your partner or spouse away any further than what they are now.

“Controlling Relationships”

Controlling relationships can be one of the most dangerous relationships that can turn into something more threatening later.

Most of the time, controlling relationships are caused by one person having more money than the other.

If you and your spouse are having money issues, than this may be one of the reasons why one person is controlling the other. Most men feel that money is power since they are the ones that make it, then they should be the ones calling the shots.

Having the financial freedom in a marriage is not only healthy, but in most cases, it can improve the longevity of a relationship and reduce the many arguments that are currently taking place.

If you are in a relationship or marriage and your partner introduces the aspect of fear in to your life daily, you must act on your confidence to dig your way out of this one. A man respects a confident woman.

To men, insecure women are easy to deal with and handle. They can be pushed around and told to do things at will for fear of rejection or getting kicked out of the home.

Most women depend on men financially to support the kids and themselves. This issue mostly effects housewives that do not have a career and do not bring any kind of money to the home. For women, it can be quite hard to effectively turn your relationship around with their spouse under these conditions.

Controlling relationships come from a partner or spouse that is extremely insecure with themselves and needs to feel like the boss in the home. They can turn more abusive and troublesome as time goes on, if not dealt with care and discretion.

This insecurity can lead to disastrous outcomes if you do not stand up to this person with confidence and diligence.

You will be surprised how your spouse or partner will yield when you do this. Although I advise that you approach this with patience first.

Controlling relationships are one of the most difficult ones to deal with. If one person is more controlling than the other one than the results could be disastrous in the end. This can lead to an unhappy relationship full of fear and discernment. Above all, most controlling relationships end up in a separation or divorce if not dealt with properly. You must ask yourself what has caused this to happen in your lives? Was it the job, travel or a situation in your relationship that has developed into something bigger over time?

Some of the best ways to deal with a controlling relationship is to stand up to your partner and not take insult or negativity from them. Most partners that are controlling respond well to those that stand up to them and fight back, so to speak. You must deal with controlling relationships head on and deal with all of the matters at hand, then and there. Never leave things unresolved.

If your partner is always grumpy and never satisfied with life then consider the aspect of trying to figure out what he or she wants most out of life. What is wrong with the most current situation that has caused all of this to happen? Was it a change in life like a new birth, changes in job, attitude and feelings about sexuality or an overall discontent?

We need to ask ourselves if we have the ability to make a relationship grow for the better and not waste it away with inconsistent thoughts of negativity and disappointment. If you are involved in a controlling relationship where you are the one that is not in control, than you must take the control back. It doesn’t matter if you are at home and not even working. A balanced level of 50/50 must be present between the two of you to move on from this.

Don’t allow the fear of unemployment stop you from taking a stand from a controlling partner. You will be surprised how many people have the upper hand at home and they don’t even work. A man respects a woman that is not afraid and that can stand up for herself. No matter the cost. It will make your relationship or marriage that much more stronger. Trust me. Remember the balance issue?

“How to Stay Together”

Staying together is not always in easy thing to do in a relationship or marriage. It requires a lot of compromise and dedication to make things work out successfully.

A partnership of equal status and the desire to achieve the best out of a family go hand in hand. The results of staying together can definitely reap great rewards for you both.

Learning to stay together will take some work but nevertheless it can be done. You truly love your partner or spouse and you want to see life through with them. You want to grow old together so that you can really appreciate the benefits of being together that whole time.

If you are questioning the aspects of your relationship or marriage, then you are not alone. So many people go to sleep at night wondering if their relationship will last the next day.

If you want to stay together you must first learn to compromise with each other. I always say that if each of you do things in a 50/50 basis, then there would be no room for battles or arguments. With a 50/50 rule, both of you will be equal. This means none of you will not have more power or lead way than the other.

Are you communicating effectively with one another? Make sure you don’t leave things unsettled in your relationship. It is important to speak when something is bothering you. Holding issues within you will not alleviate issues and will make matters that much worse for you in the long run. So always let out your frustrations no matter what.

To learn more about how to stay together so that you can secure the lasting relationship that was intended for you both in the beginning.

Here is an interesting article I found on Discovery Health: Should You Stay Together for the Kids?
Learn Self Control in a Relationship
Learning self control in a relationship goes hand in hand with the compromise that you set in for yourselves. Self control is key to bringing out the confidence and desire to better yourselves in your relationships.

To understand self control more clearly, can be a way of determining the underlining fact of your “position” in the household and the current “status” that you have with your spouse or significant other, in the relationship.

If you can hold back on the fighting, arguments and better communicate with each other than you can understand how self control can play a significant factor in your relationship, in order to properly fix it for good.

If you feel that you are and your wits end in your relationship, I can tell you now that you really are not. You still have the chance to stop and prevent a kind of separation that can cause the both of you future heartaches and distress.
We Don’t Talk Anymore
Why do couples not communicate effectively with each other? Is it because of pride or their personality? Communication can come a long way in a relationship, but what happens if one person in the relationship wants to communicate while the other just closes themselves off completely?

Sometimes the stress of work can make a person withdrawn, reserved and easily irritated at the same time. They close themselves off with their partners which causes a real communication barrier as well. If you haven’t noticed, financial problems can also cause a lot of frustration and distress. The fact that talking about the bills and money is one of the causes of arguments may cause your partner to withdraw from you entirely just to avoid the situation at hand. Interesting notion, no?

Is it distance that is causing you to not communicate with each other properly? Perhaps your partner is living somewhere else due to traveling and a job? Don’t ever let the long distance in a relationship come in between you and your significant other. Keep the communication open at talk at a regular basis. Communication can also be easily affected by a newborn baby. Decision on how to raise the kids and do certain things can cause a couple to argue, fight and then completely close themselves off after wards to avoid the whole situation altogether.

These are the early signs that your relationship may be in trouble and need to be fixed. The time to fix your relationship is now and in knowing so will help you two out in the long run, I guarantee you that. Learn more about how to say together and keep your relationship intact.

“Lasting Relationships”

Lasting relationships don’t have to be so hard to find these days. There are more and more people making their relationships last because of their previous experiences in their lives with other people.

Often times we forget the simple acts of love, affection and kindness. These are the most important key elements that you need to make a relationship work and last the way that you want it to.

If you have been going through life always worrying about how you are going to be the next bill, or that next job opportunity and you forget the love and support from your partner, remember that it can never be replaced.

If you are willing to work hard in your relationship or marriage then you have what it takes to make it most successful for you both in the long run.

Here are some tips on lasting relationships:
Open more to each other
Start to share life and experiences together
Go out more and do more things together
Leave your arguments and difference in the past and move forward
Hold each others hand more often
Complement each other on certain things daily
Never go to bed without saying “I love you”
When arguing, make your point once and then move on from it – don’t ever linger on an argument for a whole week – This can push your partner away from you

“Marital Relationships”

Successful marital relationships only work when two couples see eye to eye. Many times in a couples life, they will experience a certain degree of distance, bickering, arguing and almost an unsteady hand when it comes to money and other relationship issues.

There was nothing more stronger than the early stages of a marriage or relationship and throughout time the need to equally love your partner more than you did back then can be hard for some couples to deal with.

Perhaps they lost their emotions and feeling for others along the way or maybe the interests that they once shared have diminished significantly. There is no doubt that money in a marital relationship plays a major part of its true happiness. Or does it?

There are couples out there that have nothing at all and their love is still strong, yet there are people out there that only acknowledge that money is what holds them together and this should not always be the way a relationship should work.

If you feel that your spouse has grown a certain distance from you, then you are not alone. The reduced inhibitions for intimacy, communication and the togetherness almost seems like a time long ago. So what do you do to get it back to the way it used to be? Do you automatically pull a 360” or do you approach things carefully? Dealing with a troubled marital relationship often times hinders the growth process that need to take place in an effective relationship.

If you see your marriage like a plant that needs watering every day, then you are in the right track to see it grow more than what it is now. Nurturing and watering the plant of “love” makes any husband or wife happy with emotions that you can only get from them.

That is why I say that if you wake up each day and remind yourself to affectionately embrace, communicate and love your partner, than you are in the perfect place to see things through. Learn more about better relationships so that you can move on to the next phase in your lives.

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