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One of the most classiest in the line of Alpha dream. L II K for men is designed for men to attract women and to increase social status.

Very much similar to Alfa Machio pheromones with the enhances sociability factor included that made Glace so popular around everyone.

License to kill pheromones or LIIK as you may call still has the Alpha male qualities but with the vibe that makes others around you more comfortable than Alfa Maschio.

It makes you more approachable and sociable at the same time.

A lot of thought has been put into this one so that the wearer can feel confident in its potency and delivery of attention from others.

You can’t go wrong with LIIK because of its predecessors and the quality of this juice. The Alpha Dream brand is not only quality juice but the amount that is put in really does require attention. Other brands put a lesser amount of pheromones in their bottles.

But with LIIK and others along this line, you will fell more like you didn’t get ripped off of only getting a little bit of juice.

That’s why I do recommend this brand line to anyone who listens. Its effectiveness is phenomenal when around others.  Deer in headlights?  Yes.  An attention getter when you walk by others?  Yes.  A strategic advantage each and every time you go out?  Yes.

There are two versions of this that have been released.  Original” (v.1) and Version 2 (v.2)


Description:– contains: 1.2 fl oz (36 mL) per bottle
– applications: ~ 230 sprays per bottle
– cyclomethicone, alcohol [4:1]

Pheromone contents:

(Version 1): 29.5 mg / 36mL Bottle
(Version 2): 35 mg / 36mL bottle

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