Lesbian Pheromones to Attract Women


Donna Amore’s exclusive Lesbian Pheromone formula is for lesbian women only. This girl-girl formula is designed to evoke emotion and bolster intimacy among women. The bottle is sophisticated and comes in scented and unscented versions. Some women use the unscented version of this very popular pheromone spray with their favorite fragrance.

This adds a uniqueness to it that is different than the average perfume. If you thought that you can only attract others with perfume alone, think again. This blend of aromatic essence makes other women really appreciate your feminine ability to attract and allure inhibitions of sensuality and the true nature of a woman to woman experience.

This formula contains advanced synthetic pheromones that promote women to women intimacy feelings in kin ship and very heightened sensuality and attraction. It doesn’t matter if you already have experience with other women or are a newbie.

If you are curious to get closer to other lesbian women, than this may be the pheromone for you to simply experience the best. Time and time again, lesbian women have asked me if there are separate pheromone fragrances that are just for lesbians. My answer to them is yes!

Donna Amore lesbian pheromones bring out the true nature of the lesbian women to fully display and her glory and her truest essence within.  This is mostly true during romantic and intimate encounters within a partner of the same sex.

There has never been a better time for lesbian women to attract other lesbian women with a human pheromone perfume like that of Donna Amore.  Are you ready?

Donna Amore Lesbian Pheromones

Lesbians respond differently to human pheromones, “Study Says” Read more…


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3 Responses to “Lesbian Pheromones to Attract Women”

  1. Incredible Scent!! says:

    Wow..this perfume is incredible, I just have to say..It let me hook up with a girl I have been wanting to get to know better. The scent was great and the experience I had was even more great..Simply Beautiful.. Candice-

  2. Charlene S. says:

    This is such a sweet scent that really worked well on me. I used it on my neck the other night when I went out because I was interested in this girl I have been seeing. I wanted this pheromone perfume to bring her closer to me and it did. Incredibly! Thanks for a great tip..It works too well! Charlene from MI-

  3. I love this Scent!! says:

    I used this with a partner of mine and she went head over heals for me. There is something about this stuff that makes other women react in a way that is beyond words. I truly love it!! Great job on this one. Susan from GA-