Icebreaker Pheromone Cologne Review


Icebreaker pheromones claims that you can create attraction & seduce women with this new scientifically designed pheromone cologne.

Icebreaker cologne for men states that it contains a powerful mixture of 8 human pheromones. These powerful sex pheromones allow women to be more sexually attracted and intimate with you.

My experience with using this pheromone spray was quite interesting.  I had a night out with friends and I wanted to know the different responses and reactions that I would get from it. I did not get much of a reaction as I wanted too. Overall, my night out was pretty decent and but none the less quite ordinary.

It seemed like women were not too physically and intimately responsive to me  at all. If you are considering getting this cologne, you may want to re-consider the idea.

Here is what the company claims:

  • A dramatic reduction in the rejections from women
  • You will get more winks, smiles, touches, kisses and hugs.
  • You will get more conversations that are initiated by women that approach you
  • More self esteem is a positive side effect of its use
  • You can enhance your existing relationship or marriage
  • Increased intimacy & better sex than you ever had before.
  • You will see an increase in the number of date invitations from women
  • You can heighten your perceived authority and status
  • You will get respect from other men around you
  • You will notice a solid boost and increase of confidence


Out of my experience using this, I would rather prefer using Max Attraction Gold instead.  It smells better and I get better reactions from women.


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  4. This one didn’t seem to work that well for me…I am not sure why…it smells great but it just didn’t deliver the results I needed. Oh well..
    Anthony Price from New Jersey-

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