How to Trigger Attraction in Women


Do you know how to trigger attraction in women? Man men often wonder if they can successfully trigger the explosive formula to attract women closer to men.

There are a variety of strategies out there so we need to figure out which ones are the most effective and that work well with women. Many times, men often rush too quickly to impress women and leave out the fact that charisma and the idea of being unique gentlemen can cause dramatic results in the end.

  1. Don’t be too pushy when it comes to taking a woman home.  By the time a woman looks at you and smells you, she will know if the chemistry is right to cook some intimacy later in the night.

  2. Conversation that involves interest of a particular subject that you can alter towards something more sensual for her to comprehend later works most effectively.  Remember that women do want to have a good time and if you are a good listener this could benefit you greatly.

  3. A touch of the ear or a nudge on the knee can trigger attraction in a woman. This works especially well when sitting down and eye contact is apparent.

  4. Light compliments about her appearance and a touch of her hair can invoke attraction

  5. A touch of her chin can most definitely invoke the subtleties of attraction.  I have used this one in the past and it gave me several wonderful years in a relationship.  If you can impress a woman by a single touch than you can make it happen for you both.

  6. Your scent:  Pheromones play an important part in the attraction among men and women.  Pheromones ultimately trigger a woman’s attraction all across her body.  When it comes to science, pheromones play an important role in the intimacy that a couple shares and this is why you should never exclude the idea of a pheromone cologne to deliver optimal results in that act of attracting a beautiful woman.

  7. Along with your scent of seduction, make sure that you have optimal eye contact with the women that you are interested in.  This will in turn, favor you and make your night that much more interesting as it progresses.

  8. Affection is the act of pre-foreplay when it comes to flirtation and the desires to be with the woman of your dreams.  Make her feel wanted and amused throughout the night while you trigger other aspects of attraction within her.

Most importantly of all of this is to be yourself and have fun!  There is nothing better that creating a trusting atmosphere in any occasion that involves the triggering of attraction in a beautiful woman.

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