How to Keep My Girlfriend Attracted to Me

I have tried a number of ways and techniques to keep my girlfriend attracted to me but some of those ways did not work.  Many times I have taken her out to wine and dine her, but for some reason to me, I feel like she may be losing some kind of interest in me.

This is where I learned about the magic of pheromones.  I read an article the other day on how a simple pheromone cologne can bring back the interest from your girlfriend so much easier and with less effort on your part.  I decided to take on this venture and see if it would indeed work well for me.

I decided to get some Alfa Maschio cologne to see if it would indeed work on her.  But just in case I also wanted to try another one too.  I figured that if I can kill two birds with one stone and make it easier on me then I would gladly do so.  So I also purchased a bottle of Max Attraction Gold Pheromone cologne.  I have heard that this cologne works very well for men and I decided that I should just go ahead and give it a try to see what I can come up with.

Well, ordering both pheromone colognes was easy enough so on one night I figured that I would use just one and see what the results would be like. On my first night I decided to give Max Attraction Gold a try.  I used 1 spray on my clothes and themn I was off for the evening.  It smells great and I noticed that just one spray would be enough because it was lightly strong but not in an overwhelming type of way.  The night went well and my girlfriend seemed to give quite a lot of intimate attention.

Now, when I say intimate I mean nibbling on the ear and caressing my hair.  This was in a movie theater so nothing else went on until we got home.  Now, I know my girlfriend and I did notice that her behavior was different than other night.  I already knew that the pheromones were working well enough for me to have her more attracted to me. This is how you keep your girlfriend attracted to you.

3 nights later, I decided to use the Chikara bottle that just came in and I was blown away on how well this worked for me. The smell was fantastic and it really does what it says.  The bottle comes i a sophisticated look and easy enough to carry wherever you need it to.

I noticed my girlfriend smile more often and caress my nck as if she wanted to pursue other intimate things later that night.  If there is one thing that I love is to have my girlfriend interested in me whenever she can be.  There is no doubt that this stuff works and I recommend it to anybody.

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