Glace Pheromone Cologne

Glace pheromones

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Glace pheromones is a (Unisex) pheromone blend that comes unscented so that you can wear this with your own fragrance as a cover scent.

Spraying the chest, neck and wrists first, then applying  your own fragrance over it can give you such a tremendous advantage over others.

Boost your social status. Get in the mix and put them all at ease in your own state for grace. Create the network with Glace and open the doors to new connections.

Human beings are social creatures so enhancing yourself with a spray that will attract the attention of both men and women can be quite an experience to undertake.

Everyone needs to be accepted well liked and feel connected. If you are shy or just want to enhance sociability Glace will allow for you to break through the ice and bring out the best in yourself as well as those who surround you making conversations more fluid in your presence.

Show your truest colors with the ultimate social enhancer in front of everyone.


contains: 1.2 fl oz (36 mL) per bottle
– applications: 230 sprays per bottle
– enclosure: Italian designer glass bottle
– base: cyclomethicone, alcohol [4:1]


5 components
18 Mg pheromones per bottle

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