Exquisite – TRUE Essence (100% Copulins) Pheromones For Women

Item Description

When you ovulate, your body tells men with pheromone flags that expansion your allure by up to 250%. TRUEEssence tackles this power with Copulin pheromones.

It’s difficult to put a figure on “engaging quality” however we did it in any case. TRUEEssence is demonstrated to make ladies all the more normally alluring to men with no different changes.

Also, when you utilize TRUEEssence with different pheromones (characteristic or connected) wanted impacts (enhanced correspondence, transparency, sexual engaging quality) increment exponentially.

Intensify Your Body’s Natural Attraction Mechanism!

People are left with a pre-memorable sexual fascination framework still found in creatures that can’t convey their sexual wants to each other. TRUEEssence takes advantage of that bestial passionate pathway to motion to men that you are prepared to encounter lewd gestures.

On the off chance that you’ve at any point experienced difficulty standing out enough to be noticed, it’s a great opportunity to hoist your own particular characteristic pheromones with the 100% unadulterated Copulins found in TRUEEssence!

You Won’t Have To Spend The Night Alone.


Whenever you see Mr. Right, you’re not going to stress over moving toward him and, as long as you would prefer not to, you won’t need to spend the night alone.

TRUEEssence will take advantage of his common intuition to need you. He will tune in, regard to your each call, and right away live up to your passionate and sexual desires.

Be watchful… TRUEEssence contains both a solid scent and a centralization of Copulins that can really cause an enthusiastic overdose in men.

Dynamic Ingredients: 100% Copulins

Add up to Pheromone Content:11,000 mcg (183 mcg/drop)

Successful Dosage: 183-600 mcg

Span of Effect: 4-6 hours

Add up to Volume: 3ml

Scented, Natural Copulin

100% Money Back Guarantee


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