Exotique – Pheromone Perfume


Exotique pheromone perfume

Exotique – $54.50

Exotique perfume is the first of its kind. Experiment with this revolutionary new formula designed to help enhance a transwoman’s pheromone signature. Compel the man that loves what is unique. Though many men will not openly acknowledge their attraction to the third sex social studies have shown that once prodded most men will admit to the irresistible attractiveness of the exotique woman.

More and more, transexual women are finding out about Exotique perfume and all of its inhibitions for proper attraction desire and its effectiveness when worn among others of interest.

This human pheromone formula is designed to be worn by transwomen to bring out her unique female pheromone signature making her appear even more amazing. Research with this new formula has been met with great satisfaction. Note: This formulation is meant to be worn by women in transition.

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