Copulins are group of female pheromones, a short-chain of fatty acids that are created and produced by the human female vagina. Ovulation increases the chances of sexual interaction with men, most effectively.

This increase in testosterone for men, may cause feelings and desires of arousal and attraction, if a woman is nearby.

It is has been said that when a man smells Copulins on a woman, that she is more attractive to him.

They have the proven ability to have a man react in a way that can includes an increase in attraction, desire and sexuality for her.

Scientific research since the mid to late 90s has proven that copulins can affect and control a male’s brain significantly.

This unique notion indicates that sexual behavior in men, when they smell female pheromones on women, have proven to work successfully.

Pheromones will affect how a male behaves sexually toward a female, but copulins will affect a male’s dominant/submissive behavior.

Each female’s copulins will affect each male’s sexual behavior differently and at different levels.

The strong effect that copulins have, indicate that when a women is wearing it, a man may be more flirtatious, offer gifts, good deeds, gestures, etc.

Its also been scientifically proven that when a man smells Copulins in a woman, that his testosterone increases significantly by 150%.

Copulin pheromones provide a dramatic increase in sexual behavior, which allows for men and women to engage in more serious intimate encounters and enjoy the pleasure of attraction according to the amplification effects that copulins have.

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