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Are You Afraid of Having a Relationship?

This doesn’t happen very often, but believe it or not, some people do indeed go through life in fear of ever having a relationship with anyone. There must have been an incident or issue in the past that happened to them that made them feel less secure and intolerable of any kind of new relationship. […]

When First Starting a Relationship – What to Expect?

Starting a Relationship Starting a relationship may be one of the most memorable things you can do for yourself in life. Whether it is a positive or negative experience is all about how you perceive it. Couples start out in the beginning with a certain flutter in their hearts about the other person. It may […]

The Many Types of Emotional Relationships Include…

Love Hate Relationships Can love hate relationships work? Love hate relationships are probably one of the most common relationships around today. One minute you love the person and the next minute you simply cannot stand them. So, why is this? Have you lost that passion that you once had for each other? Where did it […]

How to Stop A Divorce From Ever Happening

“How To Stop Your Divorce” Divorce is a tricky area for any couple to deal with. It can lead to resentment, betrayal and unworthiness, all the same. So how do you effectively stop your divorce from ever happening? If your intentions are to stop your divorce from happening then understanding how it got there will […]

Getting Smarter in Keeping Relationships

“Rekindle Your Relationship” Are you ready to spark and rekindle that flame that you had once before with your partner? Do you think that it has totally disappeared into nothing? Taking the time to rekindle your relationship can prove to be most beneficial for the both of you. I can assure you that after doing […]

Making Relationships Work & Stop Spinning the Wheel

Making relationships work is not easy. The struggles and hardships that couples have to go through each and every day, can make matters worse if not dealt with properly. Understanding that compassion and affection is key to any struggling relationship can determine it longevity, in the scheme of things. In order to make relationships work […]

Why Men and Women Don’t Last Too Long in Relationships

Why do men leave for another woman? This topic is very hard for a woman. It may make a woman feel less than herself and unable to compete with the outside world for her man. Men leave for a variety of reasons but we need to find out the root cause of it all. Perhaps […]

The Sexless Marriage

Are you in a sexless relationship and don’t know how to handle it any more? Have you found that the one you love just doesn’t want to have sex with you anymore? Is there no spark left between you too? What happened to the good old days? Or, do you suspect that your spouse or […]

Has She Lost Interest in You Already?

More and more marriages/relationships are occurring each and every day as the population of the world rises. As this is happening, we are seeing a number of failed marriages past the 50% mark in the United States. What is it that causes marriages to fail over a significant amount of time? In the beginning, we […]

Will She Ever Love Me?

Is this what you are asking yourself daily? Why is it that I love her but she won’t love me back the way that I do her? These may be some of the most confusing things a man could ever go through. Not only is it confusing but it could also disturb any future relationships […]

Securing a Strong Relationship

You have decided that you want to take the steps in getting your relationship in order. Well, let me tell you that it wont be easy, though it may be worth a try. Understand that although some have succeeded in doing this, many people have failed because they didn’t actually know or understand how to […]

How to Fix a Relationship

Do you know the secrets to save a relationship from falling apart? Does it feel like your partner or spouse doesn’t love you anymore? And do you suspect that he or she has lost interest in you over the course of time? Well, you are not alone. Many people struggle with the changing times in […]

The Chemistry of love

Do you think love is real chemistry? Yes! The chemistry underlying each step of a relationship. This field is in continuous research. When you fall, your brain undergoes certain changes and the release of some chemicals are also produced. Researchers generally consider three stages of love, desire, attraction and attachment, each of which is associated […]

Psychology and Sexuality in Pheromones

Androgens such as testosterone, are the only substances known can increase sexual desire in both men and women. Men produce testosterone within the testicles and women is produced in the adrenal glands. The decrease in production or in the concentrations of this hormone results in a decrease in sexual desire, but if this is not […]

Perfume with pheromones: how pheromones serve the lick trick

How do pheromones work? Perfumes-with-pheromones Pheromones are natural chemical particles secreted by sweat glands in humans and animals in order to attract attention from the opposite sex. Pheromones are introduced into the body through the nostrils, contacting the vomeronasal organ (VNO) which gives a signal to the hypothalamus to generate a receptive response time. There […]

Human sex pheromones are more reality than MYTH

Human sex pheromones are more reality than MYTH “Our findings support the existence of human sex pheromones,” said Wen Zhou emphatic. The scientist of the Institute of Psychology of the National Academy of Sciences of China, led research which established that human steroid send chemical signals of gender and sexual orientation. The human body sends […]

Pheromones love: sexual attraction between two people

How to be better in bed? Pheromones are guilty of sexual desire and attraction. Learn how to empower them to be more sexy What makes us feel sexually attracted to a person? Is it love at first sight? Unfortunately not all due to the effect of pheromones and how to stimulate sexual chemistry. “Sexual arousal […]

Pheromones, when love enters the nose

Pheromones, when love enters the nose A woman and a man attract, exchange glances, are recognized in the distance and finally approach; They hear their voices as they are observed: face, body, clothing; looking at his hands betray a spousal commitment ring, analyze their smiles. She wet her lips, which tells him that he can […]

The Sexologists are frightened by the effects of the new pheromones for men

The sexologists are frightened by the effects of the new pheromone for men. Mr. Victor A. is one of hundreds of men, who have managed just 1 month encounters with women and began to take an intense inner life, applying only new pheromones. The new pheromones allowed virtually every man, intimate relationships with women. Not […]

Perfume with pheromones, do they work?

What to Expect with Pheromones to seduce others. 1.People will feel more comfortable when you are near them 2.The people will listen more than usual 3.The women will feel more like talking with you 4. You give the impression of being healthy and fit 5. You seem more attractive to women than it really is […]

Do Perfumes and Colognes work with sex pheromones ?

There are many on the market perfumes and colognes whose commercial claim a high concentration of pheromones and, because of that, promise an increase in sexual attraction. What we ask is if they really work and act to increase sexual desire. The scientific answer is yes, many famous perfumes also use a good dose of […]

A Man feels more attracted to his woman when she is ovulating

Our noses not only allows to perceive smells, it’s also a sexual compass, that is, makes us feel attracted to other people, provoking “love at first smell,” according to the latest research. We all have body odor preference for some people especially. This largely depends on gender and sexual orientation of both, because our sense […]

Frequently Asked Questions about Pheromones

Frequently Asked Questions What are pheromones? The word “pheromone” comes from the Greek words ‘pheran’ and ‘horman’ meaning “excitement carrier”. Pheromones are naturally occurring chemicals secreted by insects, animals and people to attract attention from the opposite sex. Animals use them to demarcate their territory, find their peers of the opposite sex and to express […]

Pheromones for Seduction and the Attractive Process

Pheromones are substances that serve to seduce and attract the opposite sex. They are naturally synthesized in the animal kingdom, including in humans and have their own characteristics in each species. For this reason, only human pheromones produced effects in humans. Before buying synthetic or “natural” calls, which are sold in the market, learn how […]

Sex pheromones: The love and desire to first smell

We approached a man and, instantly, something warms us inside. It is not a coincidence of love, are the pheromones. Our noses not only allows to perceive smells, also has a sexual animal sense, and that is, we feel attracted to other people, provoking a kind of love at first smell. Pheromones: sexual smell Each […]

Featured Luvessentials Potent Pheromone Products

Max Attraction GOLD to Attract Women Price: $59.50 Max Attraction GOLD to Attract Women Special Offer Price: $100.00 Max Attraction GOLD to Attract Women Seduction Kit Price: $65.00 Max Attraction to Attract Women Price: $52.95 Max Attraction to Attract Women Seduction Kit Price: $57.00 Aware Confidence Enhancer Price: $27.75 Aware Seduction Kit for Men Price: […]

Tips on How to Talk to Women Easily!

How do you approach a woman easily? It is the genuine connection that people actually look for when the meet somebody new.  Human beings are less complicated than you think they are.  When you see a woman walk across the street, are you going to go there at talk to her or just let her […]

What Attracts Beautiful Women to Men?

Exceptional version for marvelous men out there!! You all have been requesting guidance to get a better half… I thought this may be the most essential guidance of every one of them! Appreciate! Women love certain things about men that most men don’t even realize.  Actually intelligent and genuine conversation, a realness about them and […]

What do Pheromones Reveal About Your Love Life?

Magnificence may not be entirely subjective, truth be told. It might really lie simply south, in the nose. In any event that is the thing that the most recent research on pheromones, substances that social creatures emit to correspond with and pull in different individuals from their species, proposes. Moths, pigs, goldfish, and even we, […]

Can Subtle and Sexy Pheromones Really Change Your Perception?

Have you ever discovered somebody especially attractive without knowing why? It may be the case that you are baited in by their pheromones, imperceptible compound flags that can unobtrusively modify an individual’s state of mind, attitude, or conduct. As per new research distributed a week ago in Current Biology, men and ladies give off diverse […]

Do Pheromones Play a Role in Our Lives Sexually?

Adoration may be noticeable all around on Valentine’s Day, allegorically talking. Anyway researchers have since a long time ago discussed whether love—or, in any event, sexual fascination is truly noticeable all around, as chemicals called pheromones. Animals from mice to moths convey these compound signs to lure mates. What’s more if notices about pheromone-loaded aromas […]

The Effective Power of Pheromones: Science Friction or Not?

Find out the science behind pheromones and the power of attraction in this special Valentine’s Day episode of Science Friction. Can we be seduced and manipulated by the opposite sex just as Poison Ivy does Batman? Pheromones aren’t just in comics but they are all around us.  They are in humans and in animals.  Science […]

Ted Talks About Pheromones – Tristram Wyatt

Do our smells make us sexy? Popular science suggests yes — pheromones send chemical signals about sex and attraction from our armpits. But, despite what you might have heard, there is no conclusive research confirming that humans have these smell molecules. In this eye-opening talk, zoologist Tristram Wyatt explains the fundamental flaws in current pheromone […]

Attrakt for Him Scented Pheromone Cologne

You This sensual pheromone is mixed with oxytocin and pheromones to provide the confidence needed to amplify any effects of sexual seduction an attention from women around you. Make Women Want yo Be near You Enhance Existing Relationships Increase Everlasting Intimacy Increase Attention and Self-Confidence in Yourself Makes You More Appealing to Members of the Opposite […]

Sensuality Women’s Cologne

When it comes to sensuality, women have a way of making a man crazy over their allure, charm and pure feminism.  The qualities of sensuality are apparent when women are concerned.  The aspects of increasing such effects in the body are primarily specialized in the form of a woman’s sensuality cologne. This type of fragrance […]

Why is Attractive Physique Important?

Why is is that so many people consider that fact that physique plays such an important role in today’s culture? There is no doubt that people find other people attractive simply by the way that they look.  But, at the same time you also see couples that do not even come close to the general […]

What Do Women Want?

What do women want in a relationship?  This is what men are always scratching their heads about because they can never seem to find a way to keep the women in their lives as satisfied as they want them to be.  Why is this the case and why do women change after a while?  What […]

Arôme de Femme

Arome de Femme pheromones is a new French pheromone fragrance that is sure to knock the socks off of the one you love or desire to get to know better.  This is a new fragrance for women to captivate the hearts of men or that one single man in your life.  A woman is to […]

Scents That Men Love

Scents That Men Love Scents that men love can be the deciding factor if you want to attract them easier or not. Attracting a man these days takes a required skill in any woman’s arsenal. It has to smell good and alluring for them to move that much closer to you. Or does it?  But, […]

Increasing Intimacy in the Bedroom with Pheromones

Increasing Intimacy in the Bedroom with Pheromones Many marriages go through many ups and downs.  Especially when kids are introduced.  After kids it seems like the sex drastically decreases and one person is begging for affection and desire from the other.  This can be quite disheartening to realize, but it indeed happens to most marriages […]

Get More Attention From Anyone with Pheromones

Getting the attention you want can come in a certain number of ways, but you have to be strategic about it.  After all, if you are too forward or to upfront about it, you could either push them away or scare them off.  Subtle  attention from another person can be established by a number of […]

Pheromones for Women to Attract Men

Pheromones for Women to Attract Men Here are some of the unique pheromones for women to attract men in .  Below we have Jo women, Mistress pheromones, Tempt, Female pheromones and Hide pheromones. The one that looks like a Peacock in the Blue bottle is called “Attract men”.  I’m sure they could have come up with […]

Unscented Pheromones for Men

Unscented Pheromones for Men Most of the listed items below are unscented version of pheromones that you can easily wear alone or with a fragrance of your own.  Some people prefer to wear unscented version so they can still wear what they initially wanted to wear. The use of pheromones to attract women have been […]

Musky Pheromones for Men

Musky Pheromones for Men Here we have a list of slightly musky pheromones for men to attract women.  The list includes Scented Scent of Eros, Pherlure, Alter Ego and Chikara pheromones.  I have used them all and they are work quite well.  Although I do prefer the Chikara and Scent of Eros.  Some of the […]

Floral Pheromone Perfumes – Women Attract Men

Floral Pheromone Perfume for women to attract men.  Here are a number of varieties I found that are floral and have pheromone content in them.  They act in place of the designer fragrance that most people buy.  Of course these are hidden with pheromone to attract men close to women.  Below you will find “Simply […]

No 9 Bask Pheromone

Finally a new and sophisticated bottle has arrived which brings out true sophistication and genius behind it. This classy and sensuous bottle portrays the seductive feel and look that is associated with attracting members of the opposite sex that much closer to you. This is a new pheromone fragrance – The Gold Label for men […]

Chikara vs. Certo Pheromones

There is no doubt that Chikara smells better than Certo but when it comes to quantity, Certo is more cost effective. Chikara smells great but doesn’t come in enough juice for what you pay for a cologne spray. Certo’s unscented version is great because you can wear it with your own fragrance anyways. Although I […]

Certo vs. Alfa Maschio Pheromones

  When it comes to high quality pheromones, you can’t go wrong with alpha dream products. Most people ask, what are the differences between Certo and Alfa Maschio? Although subtle, you can tell that Certo is really made for already established couples that want to maintain longevity in their relationship. Alfa Maschio is more designed […]

Pheremones that can make a person popular

Can using pheremones make you popular? Most seem to think so. Either scented or unscented makes no difference. Wearing them really seem to keep you and others more relaxed and sociable. Although, most people wear unscented versions, there still seems to be a popularity structure on place. Especially, when using pheremones on the skin or […]

Leather N10Z Intense Pheromone cologne for men

A pheromone cologne that finally smells like leather. N10 Intense is great to wear during interviews and sales meetings. Overall it can be used in the office because it has that automatic office vibe. The erotic and sophisticated smell of leather combined with a pheromone blend that enhances social status can be of quite significance. […]