Body Language Attraction

Have you ever wanted to show someone that you like them without saying a word?

Using body language attraction can go a long way if you know how to use it right.

Body language is another form of communication that you express to others without saying a word.

It is usually inviting and comfortable among members of the opposite sex.

If you are attracted to someone than you want to show them how you feel about them without any kind of words of embarrassment.

Here are some great body language attraction methods that you can use:

Eye Contact: Remember that eye contact is important because they are the gateway to the soul.  If you have an electrifying feeling within you while you are gazing upon someone with your eyes than you are doing something right.

Move in Closer: The closer you are to someone the more that they will realize that you are interested in them.

Touching of the hands or shoulder: A simple gesture of touching can help a couple feel more relaxed and closer together.  This works well for new people on dates as well.

Pheromones: They are the scent of attraction that are found within humans.  When we shower most of these pheromones are washed away.  A pheromone cologne or perfume can enhance the effects of a scent of attraction and can be used as another form of body language attraction without much effort on your part..

Whisper in her ear: A whisper in another person’s ear can cause shivers to go down their spine.

Place the back of your palm on her lower neck: This is an effective method to use if you are a man.  By placing your palm flat on the lower back side of her neck this will increase her sexual levels ten-fold.  Try this sometime.

Holding hands: If you can get away with holding hands with your new date, this will express to them that you are more interested than he or she thought you were.

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