Attraction and Eye Contact

Did you know that one of the most important things when meeting someone new is eye contact? Yes it’s true.

They say the eye contact is like a window to the soul.

The communication of eyes that are gazed upon each other is one of the most intriguing things in a first relationship.   It is also one of several icebreakers to some people. The eyes tell it all.

That’s why making sure that you keep great eye contact with somebody is important.

Eye contact suggest confidence in yourself and they know this.

That is why it is important to understand the elements of effective eye contact and attraction among others around you.

The eyes invite a certain awareness that two couples can only share together.

Attraction and eye contact work very well together because it has been proven to work.

Try it for yourself sometime.  Don’t just go out in public and have a tunnel vision perspective on life.

If you actually open up your eyes to the world you can really see other looking and admiring you they way you would to them.

You can truly get to know a person well when it comes to their eyes.

The eyes alone say a lot about a person that you want to get to know better in life.

So, remember that good eye contact when you are out in public is very important when seeking a mate.  If the person that you are trying to attract continues to give you good eye contact , then this is your cue to walk over and start a conversation.  This is your ticket to a more fulfilling life.

A pheromone scent can also help you increase your chances of sealing the day with a person.

If you happen to walk up the other person that is receptive to you, then the next thing is to have them enjoy your pheromone scent.

You can either get a pheromone cologne or perfume to make sure that the levels of attraction are increased along with the eye contact that you were expressing earlier.

I have used this strategy to my benefit and let me tell you that it has worked for me each and every time I have done so.


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