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Attract-RX is truly the first kind of pheromone releaser than you can buy.  Have you ever wanted to naturally attract someone by your very own pheromones?  Attract RX literally does that.  It naturally  produces the right amount of pheromones that you need to successfully attract others in the most alluring of ways.  This goes the same for straight, gay or lesbian individuals.  The idea of naturally produce in your won pheromones to a level that is worth recognizing from anyone is most interesting to understand.


A Natural Pheromone Releaser

I am a man that usually uses pheromone colognes and understand the effectiveness of it, so I wanted to try out Attract RX and see if it would actually give me the same or even better results than a pheromone fragrance.  Before I went out I took a pill and arrived at a night club about an hour later to see if the effects were present and working on my.  As I walked in, I automatically noticed other women looking at me and approaching me.   I wanted to see if I was to gain the increased attention and activity of women around me and I most certainly did.

The difference with Attract RX is that you actually produce your own pheromones and this is why I found this to be most intriguing for me. I felt a certain level of comfort knowing that they were my own pheromones that were actually doing their job to attract the right kind of girl my way.  Ever since then I often use Attract-RX to make me seem more alluring and interesting when I am out with a woman or a group of women.

Bathing is always a good thing to do when grooming, but most of the time your natural pheromones are washed away by the result of this.  Attract-RX actually gives those pheromones back to you in a more amplified way so that you can carry out the rest of the night with more confidence and a certain level of attraction that can make women go head over heels for you.  Trust me I know.


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  1. I take 2 or 3 pills of this stuff right before I go out for the evening and I have to tell you that by the time I get to my destination my own pheromones start to kick in and it makes the moment with my date more comfortable and easy going. I also notice an increase in affection, attention and desire for sure. I love how attract-rx works for me, thanks!!! I’m getting more when I run out. Valuable info here. Troy M.

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