Alter Ego Pheromones


Alter Ego Pheromones are quite an effective human pheromone attractant. They can be applied to the pulse points on the body to give off the best results.

They come for both men and women to successfully attract the opposite sex. They are both scented fragrances are quite popular these days.

Alter Ego Pheromones for Men and women is also fragranced. This combination makes Alter Ego pheromones one of the premier Human Pheromones around. The Alter Ego for Men Pheromone Cologne and perfume come in a 7.5 ml open-mouth bottle with an eye-dropper top. These are one of the most effective pheromones I have ever experienced.

Alter Ego pheromones contains three pheromones  which include androstenone, androstenol, and androsterone. It is scented with men’s cologne fragrance and is quite appealing.

The dating scene and relationships have never been better since the inception of Alter ego pheromones. The longevity and effective results of this human pheromone fragrance has captivated the hearts of those that had the pleasure of experiencing attraction at its finest.

The contents include a 7.5 ml open-mouth bottle with eye-dropper top which makes this great for portabililty and and the person on the go.

Now you can successfully increase your levels of attraction with Alter Ego pheromones for men with one of the most effective pheromones out there today!


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  1. This is my signature pheromone scent for when I go out. It’s strong and works so effectively on my skin. I always get the women that I want with this one…Xavier-

  2. This is some really potent stuff because I get a lot of looks form women..Love the reactions I get from them. Thank!

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