Achar – Pheromone Perfume

Achar pheromone perfume for women is known as the elixir of love. For the ladies looking for that special guy.

You can now slow it down for the woman that wants more. This formula is best suited for younger women who are looking for or looking to keep their soul-mate.

Achar pheromone perfume draws your lover in closer to you so that you know he is yours. It is for women who are looking for the man that they want to keep for a very long time. If security, commitment and true love are what you seek in a man, then this product is for you.

Attracting your man has never been more simpler to achieve. When it comes to romance, you can be rest assured that your aroma of seduction will take form into something more desirable for the both of you.

Achar pheromones has the tendency to achieve remarkable results with a scent of attraction that is most intriguing and appealing to comprehend.

Sensuality, allure and romance is what takes place when this is experienced and felt in intimate sessions.


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7 thoughts on “Achar – Pheromone Perfume”

  1. I love this perfume. It not only smells great put it gives me the advantage I need to seduce my husband. Thanks again…I love it!! Sarah-

  2. I can’t believe how well this scent really works. It has made me a true believer in pheromones! I like to use this one when I go out for dinner and see how my boyfriend reacts to it afterwards…Classic indeed- Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. I loved this scent since I purchased it. It really does suit me well and I get a lot of compliments from men everywhere when I wear it..LOVE IT!! Mellisa from New Jersey-

  4. The perfume is not only exquisite but it entices men when I come in contact with them. It is a very lovely scent and I have to tell you that this is my hidden treasure when it comes to a fragrance that I use to lure a good looking man. Nothing wrong with that right? Thanks!!! Cheryl Washington State-

  5. Wow..I can’t believe the awesome scent when this arrived. I loved the bottle and I was sure to have great experiences with this one. Last night was no exception. I had the interest of 2 guys and ind the end it seemed like they were mentally fighting each other over me. Simply incredible!

  6. Tremendous pheromone perfume that really does work great to attract the man of my life. I simply love it! Very well done indeed… Analise~

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