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 Are you looking to buy pheromones cologne and perfume to get a reaction from others with a scent of attraction that is most irresistible?  Then, welcome to the wonderful world of pheromones – The Scent of Attraction! Every day, people want to feel more attractive, alluring and irresistible to others.  Pheromone perfumes, colognes and my favorite (unscented versions) can help you do just that! There is nothing more intriguing than seducing someone with a scent that drives them wild for you.

Ever wonder how pheromones work?  Simply spray on your skin or clothes to produce the most desirable results around.  The human pheromone contents of androstenone, androstenol, androstadienone and copulins play an important role when it comes to human interaction and behavior in the presence of pheromones in the air.


Get the Attention and Affection you Need

Are you lacking the attention and affection needed from the one that you love?  Many people, more or less experience such subtle effects of the lack of attention from the ones that are important in their lives.  Over time, life gets in the way and the once memorable times that you both shared become a distant memory.  Most people want to regain what was lost when the relationship or marriage was at its peak moment. Love and the feeling of love is the grandest feeling to ever have and experience in life.

Getting the attention that you want can be easier than you thought when you include pheromones to the equation. A spray or two a day can make significant differences in how you start to receive the attention needed from the one that you love most.  Even if you are not married and just dating, the effects can be more amplified than if you were not wearing anything at all.  And it doesn’t take much to make a mediocre experience into a most memorable one.  Applying the subtle hint of sexual attraction can significantly improve your chance of your partner remembering you.  What you want it is for their memory of you to be ingrained into their mind, so that they want to repeat the scenarios of interacting with you more and more.

If you have ever noticed how more attracted men are around their girlfriends or wives during the course of their ovulation, then you can blame it on the invisible pheromones in the air. Pheromones attract such a desire in people that they forget that in most cases pheromone have been the cause of that reaction. The intriguing allure of potent human pheromones to increase attraction has been the talk in today’s society. It is the (hidden) talk of the times!

A growing number of married couples are also finding out the many benefits of increasing their pheromones to keep the relationship alive and fulfilling.  Let’s face it, over the years a marriage can surely lose its fire. Introducing new concepts that increase your overall desirability has helped many couples save their marriages and relationship.  The intent alone is good enough to turn a sour relationship into a more gratifying one.


I went out last night and used pheromones and I couldn’t believe the attention that I was getting from women…Truly phenomenal! T.C- Calif.


I have always wondered how it felt to become more attractive with a scent of seduction. Pheromones really do work, thanks!  Michael… New York-

I am now on my 3rd bottle of unscented pheromones and will come back for more!  This is the place to be to find the variety needed to satisfy my pheromone needs.  –Linda from Louisiana


Pheromones & Seduction

Increased Attraction

Increased Sexual Intimacy

Increased Arousal, Affection and Confidence

Increased Attention, Flirtation and Eye Contact from the Opposite Sex


You can use pheromones as often as you can when going out  to meet new people.  It is what so many people are doing these days. This includes restaurants, night clubs, or any type of social event.  Some of my best experiences have been with using unscented pheromones with my own fragrances . I only use one or two sprays, for that is all you really need.
When using pheromones I notice the body language of women is very different as I analyze their behavior.  They tend to play more with their hair, their pupils are dilated and they tend to become a bit more chatty and interesting around me. When a woman positions herself fully in your direction, while having direct contact with your eyes, this is a clear sign she is interested in you and that the pheromones are working.

When I go out I often notice women glaring at me with a smile that is incomparable to none.  I like the feeling that pheromones brings to my social life because most often than not, it really does go the extra mile, so that I don’t have to work to hard in getting the attention of a woman that I am wanting to meet. Although, some pheromones work better on others, I am only only going to give some experiences that I have had with the ones that I have mentioned above.

I have directly noticed in increase in conversation, attention and interest that I was getting when I was near a group of women. My sudden charm appealed to them and drew their attention closer to me. Do you even know how it feels to have women interested in you without too much effort?  I mean what man doesn’t want a life like that right? The night club scene is where I get my most hits from because women seem to respond to a scent of attraction that is not very abundant in men after they shower.  That’s why increasing your pheromones in a pheromone cologne, most often gets the right attention from women pointing your way.

The most effective pheromone colognes are the scent of attraction that come in the form of a scented or unscented version. They increase the effective qualities of intimacy, attraction and sex appeal among members of the opposite sex. So many people are now turning to the combination of pheromones with their favorite fragrances to amplify the effects of desire, chatting and attention they are getting from whom they really want to attract.  It doesn’t matter if you are straight, gay, lesbian or bi-sexual.  There are pheromone for so many kinds of lifestyles that there is even a unisex version as well.

Pheromones act as strong sexual aphrodisiacs and people know this because of their effectiveness around others.  Now you can buy pheromone products easily to enhance any special occasion or moment. Men and women want to feel more attractive and lure in that special someone into their lives for hopes of a better future and relationship. If you have a wife, spouse, husband or partner, you can make quite a difference in their reaction and to their surprise .  Leave some pheromones by the bed each night and see what I mean.

I have been testing the effects of pheromones since 2009 and so far I have found some intriguing results.  Some work better than others and some are more potent than others. While others simply don’t even cause a reaction.  If you want to find out which works the best just contact me and I will let you know. Since there is so many out there to choose from, you can sure have a field day with all the experiences that you can potentially have.

So, why not enhance the effects with human pheromones to deliver optimal results of attraction? This unique method of attraction brings confidence and vitality to any intimate or romantic situation, that life brings your way. The law of attraction applies here with the perfect chemistry of pheromones that can only be understood between two people.

Sometimes some of the most effective things in life go unnoticed because few people really stop and consider how the human body works and functions to increase desires for the opposite sex. One of the most evident notions in life is when you see an animal in heat.  When dogs are in heat, other dogs will automatically be drawn to them because of the amount of pheromones that they are releasing at that moment.  It works very much the same way for women during their monthly menstrual cycles.  Their partners are instantly drawn closer without even knowing why. This is due to the amount of copulins that are being released from the female. The human behavior of men works very much the same way when their attention is fully drawn to a woman in heat. (Menstrual cycle)

Now when the menstrual cycle is over and the pheromones are lowered, this is where a calm, yet gentle pheromone spray comes in to secretly seduce with its hidden scent to create a desire in your man that has the ability to manifest interesting moments of delight, catered to intimacy and seduction.

The best pheromones have been proven to magnetically attract the opposite sex in the most alluring of ways!  The popularity of pheromones across several popular media outlets have inspired many people to experience the art of attraction first hand!

Feeling more attractive and desirable is what many people want to have in their lives. Therefore, it is no wonder why human pheromones are one sure way to get the response and attention needed from others. Hook the person of your dreams today!


~Entice A Loved One~

If you are married, I bet you have often wondered if there is a way to get back that lost attention that you once had early in the relationship.  DO you remember those days?  This days have come and gone and now you are faced on what you need to do to get her attention back your way.  This happens to many couple that have been together over a long period of time.  This is what makes a scent that is so attractive that you wonder why you never used it before.

Increasing attention with pheromones is easy.  You can either spray yourself before bedtime or spray the sheets with pheromones.  This effective method has worked so well that I am not even surprised. There are so many thing you can do to seduce your spouse.

I have noticed myself in increase and desire i n the attraction of my souse.  I used it on and off to surprise her and validate when it works and when I don’t even use any.  The time that I do use a pheromone spray are the times that she has definitely increased her desire and attention for me.  Quite a great feeling if I might add.

Learn how you can experience and change your world with exciting pheromones cologne and perfume!


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