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There are many variations of pheromones in humans

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The Chemistry of love

Do you think love is real chemistry? Yes! The chemistry underlying each step of a relationship. This field is in continuous research. When you fall, your brain undergoes certain changes and the release of some chemicals are also produced. Researchers generally consider three stages of love, desire, attraction and attachment, each of which is associated

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Psychology and Sexuality in Pheromones

Androgens such as testosterone, are the only substances known can increase sexual desire in both men and women. Men produce testosterone within the testicles and women is produced in the adrenal glands. The decrease in production or in the concentrations of this hormone results in a decrease in sexual desire, but if this is not

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Perfume with pheromones: how pheromones serve the lick trick

How do pheromones work? Perfumes-with-pheromones Pheromones are natural chemical particles secreted by sweat glands in humans and animals in order to attract attention from the opposite sex. Pheromones are introduced into the body through the nostrils, contacting the vomeronasal organ (VNO) which gives a signal to the hypothalamus to generate a receptive response time. There

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Human sex pheromones are more reality than MYTH

Human sex pheromones are more reality than MYTH “Our findings support the existence of human sex pheromones,” said Wen Zhou emphatic. The scientist of the Institute of Psychology of the National Academy of Sciences of China, led research which established that human steroid send chemical signals of gender and sexual orientation. The human body sends

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Pheromones love: sexual attraction between two people

How to be better in bed? Pheromones are guilty of sexual desire and attraction. Learn how to empower them to be more sexy What makes us feel sexually attracted to a person? Is it love at first sight? Unfortunately not all due to the effect of pheromones and how to stimulate sexual chemistry. “Sexual arousal

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Pheromones, when love enters the nose

Pheromones, when love enters the nose A woman and a man attract, exchange glances, are recognized in the distance and finally approach; They hear their voices as they are observed: face, body, clothing; looking at his hands betray a spousal commitment ring, analyze their smiles. She wet her lips, which tells him that he can

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