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Tips on How to Talk to Women Easily!

How do you approach a woman easily? It is the genuine connection that people actually look for when the meet somebody new.  Human beings are less complicated than you think they are.  When you see a woman walk across the street, are you going to go there at talk to her or just let her go?  You need to step inside the mind of a woman and are tired of men approaching you and just want to have sex and that are liars.  All of the things that are disrespectful to women. The first thing that you can do when you approach a woman is to make her think, “Who is this man?”

The first question she may ask herself  is who are you and who are you to me?  You can say things like I just wanted to stay hi.  I think that you are gorgeous and say it all in one sentence without over doing it.  Can you be cool calm and collected one hundred percent of the time.  Make your first impression that you are busy and that you want to know more about her.  Look straight into her eye and have that confidence in you that she can fell about you.

Body language can really save you time from getting rejected.  In any case read a book or two on body language.  When you are at that point, get her number and women always want the man to make the first move.  It makes a woman feel confident that you did so.  That you took the first step in stepping out of your fear to ask her number.

What Attracts Beautiful Women to Men?

Exceptional version for marvelous men out there!! You all have been requesting guidance to get a better half… I thought this may be the most essential guidance of every one of them! Appreciate! Women love certain things about men that most men don’t even realize.  Actually intelligent and genuine conversation, a realness about them and a certain display in discipline is what really turns a woman on.  If you can effectively change a woman by your presence you may be in the right course. Women care about things that actually matter like on a latest book that you found interesting and how you can express the thought.

Can you challenge a woman mentally? Are you able to have healthy debates with her that could challenge her? Women love to be heated up and interested.  They love to be challenged mentally for men to pick up a woman and not a girl. It seems like looks don’t even matter in the occasions.  If you are able to connect with her on a mental level that she would find intriguing, that is what women go for.  These are the positive qualities that women love.  They love passion in your interests, hobbies and so forth.  If either it was music, reading, or anything.  When men are more interested in their passions than their women, women notice this and want that attention again.

That maturity is what women love and why they are attractive to them. When it comes down to it, we are all human beings and impressing women with silence or the awkwardness of the situation may not work.  Being yourself in all occasions is what women look for.  Look at her straight in the eye and smile and notice her in the silence.  This makes her want to kiss you. Just being who you are in the silence is what really turns a woman on.  Try it and see what I mean.



What do Pheromones Reveal About Your Love Life?

lap dancers and pheromones

Magnificence may not be entirely subjective, truth be told.

It might really lie simply south, in the nose. In any event that is the thing that the most recent research on pheromones, substances that social creatures emit to correspond with and pull in different individuals from their species, proposes. Moths, pigs, goldfish, and even we, as social creatures, have them. Anyhow precisely what part do these fragrances play in sexual fascination between individuals?

“There are a great many hits on sites that are attempting to offer for the most part to men—the sex attractant,” says Charles Wysocki, a researcher at the Monell Chemical Senses Center. “Wear this and you’ll score today.” The guarantee: with the spritz of a mate-pulling in fog, the sniffer would fall powerlessly, artificially, deductively under the scent spell of pheromone-radiating you.

Sounds great, however researchers have yet to convincingly distinguish a solitary known human pheromone, without taking into consideration bottle the stuff, in spite of the fact that they have been pursuing some entrancing leads. We now know, for instance, that pheromones do help you smell another person’s sexual orientation, and there’s some preparatory proof that pheromones may be a potential X variable for fascination and richness. As per one study, in which 18 expert lap lovers of the dance floor recorded their menstrual cycles, work moves and tip income for two months, analysts found that amid the stage when the ladies were most prolific, just before ovulation, dance experts earned about $335 every movement, contrasted with $260 amid different parts of their cycle. When they were bleeding, they just earned about $185 every movement. Interestingly, dance specialists who took anti-conception medication pills, which contain hormones that avoid ovulation, didn’t encounter this ripe crest in tips…

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Can Subtle and Sexy Pheromones Really Change Your Perception?

The-LOVE-SMELL-pheromonesHave you ever discovered somebody especially attractive without knowing why? It may be the case that you are baited in by their pheromones, imperceptible compound flags that can unobtrusively modify an individual’s state of mind, attitude, or conduct. As per new research distributed a week ago in Current Biology, men and ladies give off diverse signs, however you intuitively just react to the sex you discover alluring. Also when you smell these pheromones, the object of your love in a split second seems significantly sexier in your brain.

A few specialists imagine that sex pheromones work by sending intuitive flags about your gender* to adjacent individuals. In principle, men and ladies each have an unique flag to “tell” potential sentimental accomplices of their vicinity and help impact their fascination.

As an organic researcher, I was at first suspicious of the new study in light of the fact that, in spite of numerous endeavors, nobody has ever most likely demonstrated that human pheromones exist. People fail to possess a pheromone-recognizing structure called a [vomeronasal organ](http://vomeronasal organ), which is found in other pheromone-sensing warm blooded animals, for example, rodents, elephants, and a few monkeys. The vomeronasal organ contains an uncommon set of nerves that energize a district of the cerebrum called the hypothalamus at whatever point pheromones are noticeable all around. A couple of studies (here and here) have indicated the presence of such a structure, yet none have yet discovered a nerve association with the cerebrum.

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Do Pheromones Play a Role in Our Lives Sexually?

pheromones in our lives

Adoration may be noticeable all around on Valentine’s Day, allegorically talking. Anyway researchers have since a long time ago discussed whether love—or, in any event, sexual fascination is truly noticeable all around, as chemicals called pheromones.

Animals from mice to moths convey these compound signs to lure mates. What’s more if notices about pheromone-loaded aromas are to be trusted, one may reason that people likewise trade sub-atomic come-hithers.

Still, following quite a while of examination, the story in people is not exactly so clear. As opposed to placing that solitary, pheromone-esque mixes strike us like Cupid’s shaft, examiners now recommend that a suite of chemicals radiated from our bodies subliminally influences potential partnerings. Smell, it appears, assumes an undervalued part in sentiment and other human issue


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The Effective Power of Pheromones: Science Friction or Not?

Find out the science behind pheromones and the power of attraction in this special Valentine’s Day episode of Science Friction. Can we be seduced and manipulated by the opposite sex just as Poison Ivy does Batman? Pheromones aren’t just in comics but they are all around us.  They are in humans and in animals.  Science has proven that they have powerful effects in animals because of the scent of Andrsotenone which is mostly found in the saliva of animals.  The main sensory organs is located in the stem of the nose. Androstenone is the most common type of pheromone that is secreted in humans. Is your female ready to mate?  Depending of the color of  the skin and the scent that is emitted, it may be so.

We can’t consciously smell pheromones, but PET  brains scans show that blood flow increases through the hypothalamus when women inhale testosterone and men inhale estrogen. There have also been a number of myriad effects that pheromones can have on humans like placing armpit sweat on the upper lip of women, which could alter her menstrual cycle. Another study shows that when men smell a woman’s ear, their testosterone and sexual levels drop. Childless women experience sexual arousal when exposed to the odors of a mother breast feeding her child.  The sweaty t-shirt study found that women significantly preferred the scent of men then their own.  This mechanism exist because of the necessary requirement for humans to breed among themselves.

-The famous T-Shirt pheromone study was shown to have women become more attracted to another man’s scent than her own.






Ted Talks About Pheromones – Tristram Wyatt

Do our smells make us sexy? Popular science suggests yes — pheromones send chemical signals about sex and attraction from our armpits. But, despite what you might have heard, there is no conclusive research confirming that humans have these smell molecules. In this eye-opening talk, zoologist Tristram Wyatt explains the fundamental flaws in current pheromone research, and shares his hope for a future that unlocks the fascinating, potentially life-saving knowledge tied up in our scent.

This is an informative Ted Talks conversation about the history and emphasis of human pheromones and attraction.  Odors of the human body can be identified through olfactory sexual responses and these scents can be distinguished by the opposite sex by others.  We finally get some informative talks about the nature of human pheromones and how they have been an effective guise of attraction for centuries.  The problem is that most people pay money to wash out our own natural pheromones. We spend more money taking off then leaving them on each day.  Each day we have the capabilities to keep a certain amount of our body secretions to enhance attraction in ourselves. A high concentration of pheromones can be found in the arm pits of humans. Most people just don’t go around with smelly arm pits because of the use of deoderants that cover them up.  Should we leave a small amount of perspiration in our armpits to see if this can really make a difference around others or continually cover them up with scents that destroy their effectiveness? There is a team in France that have turned their attention to human babies. The babies can identify the mothers secretion through the identification of scent through a secretion near the mother’s nipple.  People recognize each other by their inherent scents and it makes them comfortable to establish relationships in this way.

Napolean Bonaparte to Joesphine,  “Don’t wash, I’m coming home.”







Attrakt for Him Scented Pheromone Cologne

attract pheromone
You This sensual pheromone is mixed with oxytocin and pheromones to provide the confidence needed to amplify any effects of sexual seduction an attention from women around you.

  • Make Women Want yo Be near You
  • Enhance Existing Relationships
  • Increase Everlasting Intimacy
  • Increase Attention and Self-Confidence in Yourself
  • Makes You More Appealing to Members of the Opposite Sex


First their was Liquid Trust and now there is a much newer formula that combines pheromones and oxytocin together to produce an even more powerful effect of attraction when you are near others.

What Oxytocin Exactly Does….

Oxytocin is a naturally occurring hormone that produces desirable effects of bonding within naturally occurring human relationships. The trust factor combined with the seducing element f pheromones is unlike anything you have ever experienced.

You can actually place Attrakt  in the refrigerator for cooling which provides the best results for when you are ready to wear it.

Now Only: $69.95

Sensuality Women’s Cologne

sensuality womens cologneWhen it comes to sensuality, women have a way of making a man crazy over their allure, charm and pure feminism.  The qualities of sensuality are apparent when women are concerned.  The aspects of increasing such effects in the body are primarily specialized in the form of a woman’s sensuality cologne.

This type of fragrance for women, when worn on the skin can cause a certain allure that is most captivated when a man is present. Pheromones in a woman’s cologne have a way of showing themselves fully in enhancing the testosterone of men when they are near.  This secret strategic outcome plays very well in the forms of seduction and apparent increase in desire for each party involved.

When women where such a cologne on their skin, not only do men find them even more captivating, but also it creates an aura of appeal that makes them alluring, attentive and affectionate in so many ways. There is something about the night that creates an environment of appeal and allure for both sexes involved.

Some of the most popular sensual women’s cologne include:

Max Attraction Silk

Liquid Trust

Copulins for women

Mistress pheromones

Passion copulins for women

Edge Scented for Women

Pheromax for women

Copulins is the women’s natural version of pheromones that is secreted by women to attract men closer to them.  It increases the testosterone of men in the most effective and naturalistic ways to conquer them into sweet and sensual submission for a night of fun-filled passion and desire.

The amount of copulins in the bottle vary by each brand, indicating a certain level of potency that is included for each woman to dawn with her attire. There has never been a better time to seduce a man with the use of concentrated pheromones on the skin to allow such sweet passion to exist in this reality. You can actually learn more on how sensual women cologne can help you attract others that much more easily than you have ever imagined.

Women are different in such a way that each women gives off very little or more pheromones that the body can give off. The more pheromones that the body can produce without the showering effect of wearing it away, the better.  These subtle hints of attraction that the body gives off, can make a difference even for women that are not as attractive as others.  Pheromones play such a quiet and subtle role in human interaction and relationships that no wonder the subject has fascinated many couples for decades at a time.

If they work so quietly and without much notice, how can there ever be a direct distinction of it ever working?  The only difference that I have seen is the use of a spray or pheromone cologne to see if it indeed attracts at a much higher level when the moments are right to do so.  Heat in the body act as a vehicle to deliver the subtle effects of attraction that pheromones deliver to the recipient.

When the recipient receives the subtle scent of attraction, a chemical reaction in the brain delivers to the body, neurological responses that stimulate the senses and nerve endings in such a way that they would then want to get closer to engage in intimate experiences, with the persons involved. When you are in a date and want to get the attention of another person, why do you have to work so hard to do so when these scents can do all the work?

These are the body’s way to attract the next person around.  This is especially important in the aspects of relationships or marriages. When an increase in pheromones is introduced, when there have been years of continous decline in affection, you can then see how effective these forms of seduction work in the marriage. Couples use them to enhance and fortify the relationship to create an empowered union of each other in these ways.

This is why the introduction of an increased level of copulins to the human senses of a worthy participant nearby can cause such a reaction in the body that you wonder why you have never used it before to increase the processes of seduction in any way possible. In relationships, the sexual exchange in pheromones that take place when couples are close to each other signify a level of attraction that is directly heightened by its presence in form.  Although, we cannot visually see the many uses of pheromones, we can test their effects in research laboratories, animals and humans as well.

The recent pheromone parties  in many cities across the country have indicated such a response within today’s society that these kinds of parties are now being thrown left and right to attract others.  Has this taken the place of speed dating? As humans, we are always going to try new and exciting things  in the dating scene, so when the pheromone exchange of shirts took place in certain Los Angeles parties, we can see how exciting these events were. Women were drawn to men with the scent of the shirts, as men were drawn to women in these same methods of attraction.  If one was more appealing to the other, exchanges were made in the dating scenes to indicate a potential couple, which had the capacity to endure any challenges because of the attractive match of the scent of the shirt.  Sweat and body chemistry go hand in hand in determining the chemistry at play in dating and the nature of couples and intimacy.

So, can these methods of attracting go hand in hand in the form of a women’s sensual cologne? We believe so.  The many exciting endeavours that were previously played out in the pheromone parties, research and social events have proven in every way the potency and direct effectiveness of a subtle scent delivers exciting and unique results.  This is why I am most excited to write and research these ideas and concepts so that the world can know and share the same exciting experiences as I have had.  The subtle, yet powerful forces of attraction can really make quite a difference in the romantic aspects of two individuals.



Why is Attractive Physique Important?

why-physique-important-in-a-relationshipWhy is is that so many people consider that fact that physique plays such an important role in today’s culture? There is no doubt that people find other people attractive simply by the way that they look.  But, at the same time you also see couples that do not even come close to the general physique of the ones that they are with.  Why is this the case? Beautiful women with mediocre men and handsome men with mediocre women.  Not all cases are true in the fact that couples must look a certain way in order to attract someone of their ideal match.

Most of the time you will be surprised of how the opposite is the case when it comes to physical attraction. And you are seeing it more and more in today’s ever changing society.  Physique doesn’t mean everything.  Most of the time if you can find somebody with the right enough energy that matches what you are looking for in a relationship, you will find that this is what is needed for any relationship to evolve with physical attraction.  One will always compliment the other and vice versa.  The law of nature is built this way.  If somebody is lacking in a certain physique or nature, the other person they are with will complete them with their persona.  This is where the wholeness comes into play when relationships are involved.  One person will always complete the other.

If there was ever anything that is the opposite of who you are, you will attract it. It is better experience how life could be with that particular quality that your significant other posses.  People are attracted to people that are different to them, not the same.  How will you ever learn anything in life if you’re with with someone that was completely the same as you? It would be challenging and most often than not, quite boring.

The love of a particular physique is all fine and well and their are many people that are enjoying life experiencing others that fit their ideal description. But, is it always the case every time?  I would have to agree that it is not. Life, in it’s most unpredictable ways can really surprise many people, especially when it comes to certain preferences that people think they need in their lives.

So, why is it that people always attract what is the opposite of themselves?  When it comes to skin color, appearance, gestures, personality, and so forth.  The ideal partner will always bring something new to the relationship that was never noticed by the other.  This is in turn, is what makes life quite exciting to experience in the first place.  If we were to always expect a certain type of behavior according to what we think a person looks like, we will find that time and time again, our preconceived notions would turn into a complete fallacy.

Their will always be a certain indication of sex appeal that other people will never come to the understanding of when it comes to gender attraction and interests. People love new and exciting things and even if the certain stereotypical physique structure doesn’t present itself, the alternative will usually suffice just as well because surprising things is what makes the world go round and round.

The next time you start to consider what your ideal mate would look like exactly, consider this.  Our thoughts about the subject could come close enough to what you picture them to be in a future life.  But, when it comes down to it, you never know what your going to get because you have to understand that physique is not the only important thing to consider when finding your true mate in life.  It is the total package that consists of ideal personalities, traits, expressions and so forth.

In the beginning of any new relationship,you will no doubt consider the factors as mentioned above in testing your ideal partner during the courtship process.  What happens if certain features arrive that are ideal to your liking while others are not?  You are then left behind with the notion that such an incomplete approach will not satisfy you in the long run.  It is important that you have all the aspects in place as far as what you are looking for in a partner for life.  If you feel that compelled to test your partner in the beginning to see if he or she matches all of your desires and wishes, to satisfactorily impress you with longevity, by all means do so.

I would be quite surprised if you don’t.  Don’t ever just accept things as they are knowing that in the future you could be offended by what you just let slip in the beginning.  Make all the necessary steps you need to take and don’t let the limiting belief that physique is all you have between what you want in a relationship.  When you first and foremost consider all of the aspects that truly complete the total package, you will then see that longevity in your relationship will have it’ s place in a more fruitful and congruent union between each other.  It has always worked very well for me. I have no doubt that this method will also work for you.

After ten years of marriage I can tell you that when you put the effort to see what it really takes to make a relationship grow and prosper, you will see great results.  You need to filter and weed out all of the undesirables that could ever get in the way of making you happy.  This goes for both men and women.  Yes physique is great, but if you put all of your eggs into one basket and hope for the best, you may run into many obstacles that will challenge your future relationship or marriage. No matter how you may see that things are going well now.  Make sure these people pass your test the first time so that you wont be continuously correcting their errors and extending your rules to suit their unique ways.

You have to have certain standards and limits to what you expect out of a great relationship.  Some of the warning signs or red flags as you might want to call them will include the following below.  If you see any of  these, you may want to stay clear away from these types of behaviors:

Too much clingyness

Expressing continuously jealousy

Going out too much at night without you

Lack of attention or affection early on

Mistrust to so many degrees

Forgetting important dates

Not wanting to do many things together

A secretive nature

Shall I go on?

I think that about this time you have a pretty good indication of what to expect and what not to expect when you are looking for your ideal soul mate or partner in life.  If you can include physique in there, then by all means go ahead an do so, but don’t ever forget the crucial elements that are needed to filter out the unwanted things that you don’t wish to experience first hand. This is important in any new relationship or marriage that you are seeking.

What Do Women Want?

what-women-want-in a relationship100What do women want in a relationship?  This is what men are always scratching their heads about because they can never seem to find a way to keep the women in their lives as satisfied as they want them to be.  Why is this the case and why do women change after a while?  What do you have to do to keep them interested in you in any way possible.  The feelings in a new relationship are like a drug addiction because it seems like you can’t get enough of each other.

But in time the romantic embrace starts to fade away and you really try hard to keep the momentum going by trying out new ideas and techniques to keep that once and lively passion going for as long as you can do so.  Life gets in the way and new opportunities and experiences present themselves. As a man, you have to come up with new and exciting ways to keep the woman in your life just as interested in you as she was in the beginning.  Those magical early moments in any new relationship is quite hard to forget.

In my experiences as a married man, I have found the following below to be great indicators of what women want in a man which keeps longevity in a relationship.  The following include:

Being there:  If you are there in the relationship, you will have no trouble at all.  Women want a man that is always there for them.  Not going out every night or going away for long periods of time.  They remember you not being there than you being there.  Remember that.

You need to argue with each other:  Research studies have shown that the most successful relationship are those that have healthy debates and argue.  Don’t ever keep things hidden from each other.  If something bothers you, bring it out into the open rather than keeping things bottled up for weeks at a time.

Surprise her: Women do not like predictable guys.  Keep things spontaneous and update your lifestyle from time to time with new interests and goals.  Keep her on her feet with new things that you can share with each other.  Why have a boring life when you can spruce it up with new and exciting ideas that can be shared between the both of you.  So, always keep things new and stay up to date with the times so that you always have something new to talk about.

Keep the Bedtime Spicy:  What are you doing to keep the romance going in your relationship?  Bedtime can be the most exciting time for the both of you to come up with new ideas that can be shared together.  Keep her wanting you each and every time by scenting yourself with a fragrance with pheromones, for example.  The more creative you are the longer the relationship or marriage will last.  You don’t want to be another divorce statistic do you? So, keep the love going as long as you can. Maintaining a marriage can be hard work but it can be done.

Tell her: Tell her that you love her often and don’t ever forget to compliment her daily.  This is one of the mistakes men make each day.  They forget to tell her how they feel.  When you compound this over time by not telling her how you feel about her, it can drastically affect the relationship.  You have to always remind her and acknowledge her.  They will love you for it, let me tell you. Instead, compound the effects of daily compliments and see how far it will take you.  It’s what women want anyways.

Interests:  Do you even know what interest her? If so tell me or have you forgotten.  Women love a man that directly know their interests.  And if you can share her interests together, the better.  Go ahead and find out what you can learn from her and engage in what she likes to do together. She will thank you for it and it will bring the both of you that much closer together. And what if she doesn’t have any interests?  Have her know your interest to see if you can do things together.  Why not give it a shot?

Affection:  This may be the number one thing that men forget to give the woman in their lives.  Affection means acknowledging her by touching, hugging, kissing, holding hands, etc.  Men can get so carried away in their lives that they forget that women need this above anything else.  Love and affection go hand in hand.  If you do not feel comfortable with affection, maybe you should pick up a book about it and read more about how important affection can be for her. So give it freely and unconditionally ok?

Confidence:  Women love a man with confidence because they thrive on it and pick up on its vital energy.  If you feel you don’t have enough confidence, learn more about how you can increase it to benefit yourself.  Confidence can give you a better perspective on the type of person you can become.  It can change the world around you as you portray more of what she wants you to exhibit.  Confidence is most congruent in any relationship to stand the tests of time and life experiences.  So, go for it and increase it any way you can.  You won’t regret it.

Stability:  Women want a stable man that can bring in the money to secure her life as well as many other things.  Stability brings great rewards in a relationship.  If she feels that she can count on you, the better.  Make the impression it takes to increase your knowledge in making money and making it easier.   Would you want to date an unstable woman?  It goes the same for her as well.  Stability and responsibility go hand in hand in any relationship.

Women want so many things to keep the relationship going that sometimes it can overwhelm you as a man.  You may be asking yourself how you can do all these things, but I can assure you that you can.  By keeping yourself aligned with what you need to accomplish to get things done, she will readily recognize it.

Arôme de Femme

aroma de femme

Arome de Femme pheromones is a new French pheromone fragrance that is sure to knock the socks off of the one you love or desire to get to know better.  This is a new fragrance for women to captivate the hearts of men or that one single man in your life.  A woman is to feel loved and adored and this fragrance  is no different.  It’s superb molecule of attraction comes in the form of intense copulins to attract a male closer to you.

It’s subtle yet powerful attractive power captivates the male of your life and introduces feelings of intimacy that not other fragrance can do for you.  This discreet yet effective combinations of pheromones is said to have the passion of the fresh and the love of the night.

If you are going to wear a fragrance, may it be a fragrance with he perfection of pheromones to compliment the occasion. No more lonely nights waiting for that romantic attraction.  Get what you need when you need it every time.  Deliver the most optimal results with this unique pheromones exclusively for the determined woman that gets what she wants every time. Do you want to be memorable or just a fade in someones memory.  Make that impression the first time and leave an imprint for life on the nose of another.

Are you a woman that wants to increase her intimate moments with the one that you love or be left behind as your most recent effort have notably been.  Make a direct impact that can turn heads as you walk by with such a fragrance that can make them say Mmmmm.

One or twos prays should do the job, but if you want to explore more intense outcomes, go for it.  This flowery scent can make the average fragrance a thing of the past.  When combining pheromones with a fragrance, you get the strategic effect that a n ordinary fragrance just can’t do.  Do you want to perform at 52% or at 1oo%? The choice is yours.  Of course, my answer to this would be at the most top level to make a difference and an impressionable memory into someones mind.

If you are a woman of the heart and loves to make the man in her life melt with such an intense passion ans desire, make this the gift to allow yourself full expression of who you really are.  Indulge, appease and relax with the attention that you are going to receive so freely and most intimately.

Many times in my life I have wondered how I could always make such a direct impact with whom I meet in the world.  Having this in your arsenal of attraction can truly create wonderful experiences that have yet to be dreamed.  Combine this with your wishes and desires. You create the experiences with such an incredible scent of seduction.  Make every new experience count for you.

If you are married and are seeking the attention and affection form your husband, than you may find out that this fragrance may be what you were looking for.  Many couples ask me what is the best and new thing to use as far as new pheromone perfume go.  I tell them Arome de Femme becuase in is the delightful new fragrance of the next generation of pheromones.  The seduction of french passion introduced to the bedroom will make any intimate encounter most memorable.  Your husband will not only remember the time you put this on but will want to remake the encounter each and every time.

I have noticed a better form of relationships and marriages after pheromones were introduced in intimate encounters. The increase in love, grabbing, scratching and affection is quite noticeable to each other when it occurs. Why have boring sexual love making when you can make it memorable each and every time you two hit the bed at night.  Marriage can turn into a wonderful affair of renewed love and emotion for the both of you.  In order to keep in that way, you can introduce new things that can amplify or enhance the situation for the better.

There was a time that my relationship was not up to par and what made the difference was my increased desire to change it for the better.  Introducing a new scent of attraction allowed me to better appreciate the union of two souls joined together in perfect love and harmony.

You can either spray the bed with it or use it before you hit the bed.  Spraying your closet with pheromones can also give him the reminder of what to expect when the night arrives to welcome the love that can be made and cherished. The more knowledge you have about what you can do to increase and maintain intimacy between the two of you, the better and easier it gets in the long run.

Marriages can be saved or they can be faded away with no attention towards them. Increasing your knowledge on how to maintain intimacy in any relationship can have such an effective result in any marriage for the better. I have noticed a direct impact on couples who wish to turn their marriages around by introducing a scent of attraction that can make such a difference for the both of them.

Creating memorable experiences together can really bring about a fuller and perfect union between two people that intensely love each other.  The idea is to have the two of you interested in each other, not just one person.  Have you ever experienced the desire for your husband when he did not feel the same way?  It’s not a good feeling.  The key is for the both of you to have optimal results of attraction and affection so that the intimate experiences can be worthwhile. You want those kinds of moments to keep re-ocurring, don’t you?

No more boring nights of unfulfilled emotions or desire for each other.  Having the strategic method of pheromones by your side can create an aroma of sexual delight that your partner could not ever resist you.  Being irresistible to the one you love each and every time, can make a woman feel really good about herself.  So, the choice is yours if you want to improve your marriage or relationship by utilizing a technique of seduction that can truly make a difference for the both of you.

Making every night worthwhile, while alleviating boredom can make such an impact in the long run that you wonder why you never introduced pheromones in the first place.  This floral fragrance infused with pheromones can come in handy when you least expect it to.  Not only does it create a fantasy of attraction and desire, it can make any moment timeless when used right.

Scents That Men Love

scents that men love.

Scents That Men Love

Scents that men love can be the deciding factor if you want to attract them easier or not. Attracting a man these days takes a required skill in any woman’s arsenal. It has to smell good and alluring for them to move that much closer to you. Or does it?  But, what is there was that one sensual scent that would automatically drive them crazy in desire for you?  The point is that you don’t have to do much to get their attention, they come to you as easy as that, the better

Besides your sensuality, charm and appeal, it is very obvious that you want to make that significant impression in their eyes to captivate them each and every time you meet them.  To draw them in even more effective is what most people wish to achieve.  Did you know that an increased content of pheromones in your body can allure such magnificent results in any social setting that will leave men begging for more of your attention?

I have seen this happen many times in social settings like clubs, restaurants and any event that calls for the meeting and interaction of new and exciting people.  Men find women very charming and alluring when they are taken by surprise of an unexpected nature.  This subtle yet unnoticable scent is called pheromones.

You can bet that after a night out with the girls, you can spend the next week with guys that are ready to take you out to free dinners.  I can say that my life is more interesting these days.  Plenty of time to socialize more and not spend so much for dinner. Yeah, it works.

Just be gentle with them and make it obvious if they are not what you are looking for afterwards. It’s always best to respect their feelings and not lead them on too much.  I still use caution when I can though, to maintain my ladyship.  But in bed, it’s a different story. Smiles~

There is a difference in pheromone brands in which they can be scented or unscented, depending on your original preference.  The unscented versions work great because the can be effectively masked by your favorite designer fragrance.   I use this method quite often.

Are pheromones as effective as they may seem to be?  The answer is yes in my experiences with them.  These are the scents that men love to smell on women each day.

I remember this one night out with the girls that we went to a “Little black dress party” and I wore a pheromone perfume that was so delightful that it actually gave me a 75%  increase in attention that I received from men that night.  I always have fun at those “Little Black dress parties” because they always seem to give me the most fun out of life.

I wear pheromones over my personal fragrance and has resulted in some really cool experiences. Of course I could not say the same a year ago when I was not wearing any pheromones.  I like the strategic advantage it gives me every time I wear it.  As a woman, I know what men love as far as a great scent and the use of pheromones on my skin.  I never spray them on my clothes unless I really want to extend the invitation of allure even further.

Anyways, I was out with four of my girlfriends and it seemed very obvious to them that I was receiving more attention than they were for on four separate occasion of out “girls night out.”

They often wonder what is so special about me because they look just as good as me, if not better.  I always say to them that it’s my vibe that attracts them closer to me and then they just have a drink and not mention it again.  Of course they don’t know that I wear pheromones to strategically give myself a better advantage of making a better night for myself.

I had this one guy follow me around until it got to the point of freaky, but I let him know that I was not interested. Sometimes your going to get great guys and freaky guys your way.  So, be careful with how much you spray yourself . Make sure you only spray once or twice and keep it subtle and very well blended in with your own fragrance.  It works better that way.  Unless you want to go with a scented version instead.

Sometimes my girlfriends follow me around because they know that men will come closer to me. It’s true that it does happen.  It seems like they figured out that the more they invite me out, the better the chances they have for attracting men to them because of what I am wearing.  The pheromones I wear really do resonate invisibly in my surrounding area.  I often smile about this, because then I know it is working well.

Even though I get the increased attention from men, I still play hard to get, which makes them go crazier for me.  I am a respectable women and carry myself so, Although I can’t help but notice the attention I get from men because of the pheromones that I wear.  I love it!

If you ever have a chance to amplify your night outs while getting tremendous results, then do it.  Your night outs will change and you will even have more fun than you thought you would. There was a time in my past that I was not wearing pheromones and my experiences were far from what they now. And from here on out, I always make pheromones a part of my scented arsenal of attraction.

Some of the scents that men love include the following that I have worn before.  I tend to alternate when I can. I feel that the more variety I have available, the better.

Below are some of the Scents that Men love:

  1. Liquid Trust Pheromones
  2. Essence of a Woman Pheromones
  3. Alpha-7 Unscented Pheromones
  4. Scent of Eros Pheromone Perfume for Women
  5. Primal Instinct Unscented for Women
  6. Edge Trust Pheromone Spray
  7. Alter Ego for Women Pheromone Perfume
  8. Passion Copulin Concentrate
  9. Pheromax Mini for Women
  10. Scent of Eros Pheromones Unscented

See:  Scents That Men Love

Increasing Intimacy in the Bedroom with Pheromones

Couple in Bed

Increasing Intimacy in the Bedroom with Pheromones

Many marriages go through many ups and downs.  Especially when kids are introduced.  After kids it seems like the sex drastically decreases and one person is begging for affection and desire from the other.  This can be quite disheartening to realize, but it indeed happens to most marriages over a number of years.

The beginning of every marriage is great, but after a while things just start
going down hill.  Including the sex.  Why does this happen?  It is well known that women increase pheromones during their menstrual cycle and this really does boost intimacy.  But, what happens if your spouse does not have any kind of sexual inclination towards you any more?  Or it has increasingly deteriorated over time?

This is a sad and quite a common case in many marriages and the remedy can be nothing more than a subtle scent to wear before you hit the bed at night.  Pheromones can deliver the forgotten sexual desires that you both experienced at one point in your lives.

One trick that I use is spraying her pillows with a single pheromone spray to increase her desires for me.  This can be done on your body after you shower at night of by just simply spraying your spouses pillow.  I bet you never thought of that huh? Pheromones can surely drive them crazy and create that intimacy that was once lost.

Have you ever experienced such passion when the pheromones are strongly present in the air? I surely have.  An increase in scratching and aggressiveness occurs in an intimate encounter that can be quite an experience.  This is the kind of passion that I look for when I make love to my wife.  I need to feel loved and wanted by her.

Therefore, pheromones can be a great item in your arsenal of lovemaking.  I expect nothing less, when I have sex. Passion in intimacy is very important to me and it makes me feel more like a man.  I prefer a spray or two in the pulse points and then you can use your own fragrance to cover it if you wish.

Sex is great, but amplifying it with pheromones is so much better because of the increase in passion. I know directly how it feels when you love someone and the desire is no longer there because after kids were introduced, it just seemed to die.

It’s not a fun feeling, let me tell you.  Introducing new ways to better enhance a marriage is always a desired attribute to know and utilize.  So, if you know what you can use then you can use it to your advantage.

I like to get as wild as I can and in a safe manner.  That’s why I think that introducing pheromones in a marriage can make your experiences so much better in bed for the both of you.  No longer will you have the feeling that you want to have sex and the other just does not want to. It’s so much better when two people are “interested” in intimacy instead of just one person.

Have you ever had sex with your spouse and looked at their facial expressions and felt that they were not in the mood to do it in the first place?  Who wants to experience that?  I have before and I no longer want to feel that any longer.  It’s not fun and can be such a turn off.

I believe sex can be a fun thing to share between two people and it should always be fun. If you are married, why do you have to beg or ask for sex when it should be readily available to you?  Isn’t that why you got married in the first place?

I remember back in the day when I used to have sex five times a day and sometimes even more.  I had so much energy and loved that I could achieve such great results with someone that I loved.  Over time, I know the body wears out but I know that I still look great and still want to experience great results with my spouse each and every time.

Just a subtle scent can really go a long way in a marriage to increase the lack of desire and affection that you currently experience from your spouse.  Spicing up the bed is imperative if you want to keep your marriage going for the long run. It is not only healthy but a great feeling to have when you can share yourself completely with another person and have so much fun at the same time.

Making love is one thing and it is great.  But, if you can amplify those effects and increase intimacy between the two of you, you will see how such a little difference can really go a long way.  Some people use pheromones only at night time while others put it on each day before they go to work.  The decision is yours.

I have had great experiences while wearing pheromones during the day and I have heard people also have great experiences during social conversations and job interviews.  Of course, my favorite time is the bed time and I love the results it gives me personally after I shower and prepare myself.

If you are stuck in a rut and are willing to try something new and strategic, then this may be what you need to kick start your spouses love engine and get it going, so you can get back on the love wagon of passion.  Who wants a boring time in bed anyways?  I always say, spice it up and keep it going as long as you can.  If anything, spray the whole bed with pheromones and see what happens.

I have only sprayed the pillows with great results.  Although, spraying the bed may not be such a bad idea.  I think I’m giving myself some good ideas here. Smiles~

Now you can easily see how you can effectively Increasing Intimacy in the Bedroom with Pheromones.

If a subtle scent can make a difference in your marriage, would it be worth it?  I think so. Giving anything a try never hurts.  If you no longer want to experience the constant sexual rejection each and every night, then it may be time to introduce a new strategy that may help the both of you.

See:  Increasing Intimacy in the Bedroom with Pheromones


Get More Attention From Anyone with Pheromones

hug-couple-get attentionGetting the attention you want can come in a certain number of ways, but you have to be strategic about it.  After all, if you are too forward or to upfront about it, you could either push them away or scare them off.  Subtle  attention from another person can be established by a number of ways that can include some of the following aspects below.

If you are married and ever go to bed at night with your spouse you may know what I am referring to.  You may be expecting one thing and he or she may be expecting nothing at all and then just fall asleep in a deep slumber. While the whole time you may be wondering what happened?  Sexual activity is very common, natural and healthy in a marriage and when it has entirely diminished from the bedroom, their may be problems.

Although the attention that you seek from your spouse may be very important, he or she may not seem to think so.  Even if you have provided hints and gestures to the issue.  Sometimes it doesn’t seem like no matter what you do, noting works at all.  And, when you do have sex with your spouse, the overall feeling of it may not all be there or there may exist a lack of interest that may be unbearable to experience.

Living a life of no affection and attention can really take its toll in any relationship or marriage.  The trick is to get their attention each and every time. The longer you wait to change the aspects or your relationship, the more of a decline you will experience.  The better you are prepared to handle what you need to focus on, the better. I know this from direct experience.  If you let the relationship slip, the harder it will be to bring it back up to what it needs to be.  It’s very easy to obtain a relationship but it is much harder to maintain it.  That is why we introduce useful tactics to keep your partner interested in you.

What if you sprayed yourself with pheromones about 15 minutes before you went to bed?  Or, what if you sprayed his or her pillow with pheromones to attract your partner?  These are just some of the many subtle techniques that you can use to make them want you again and have the satisfaction of a wonderful and explicit sexual experience.

You can try others things to like sprucing up your image, keeping yourself up to date with the times and making your partner feel wanted. Do you want to feel desired all the time by the one that you love?  Then you need to give them what you want in return.  Give first to receive.  If you apply this method each and every time the opportunity presents itself, it can make a whole difference.  So instead of always wanting things that are not given to you, give them freely and see how things will turn around for you.

I have tried this method many time when I felt I was not getting the attention that I needed.  So I gave myself the challenge to give attention to my spouse as much as I could.  I then noticed and increasing amount of attention and affection that I was getting.  It felt truly good to feel this way.  I knew that I was making a difference by giving first and then receiving afterwards.  It’s better than trying nothing at all.  I challenge you to give this a try the next time you want more attention.

Alternatively, you can try pheromones, but why don’t you try both options to see how you can really make a direct and positive impact in your relationship.  If it worked for me, it can work for you as well. What have you got to lose either way.  You should always make sure to try new and exciting things in your life to better enhance it.  You can start today.

How are you ever going to tell if you never even try it out?  So many people are secretly using these pheromones to make a marriage or relationship better.  They want to feel what they felt when the relationship was young and healthy.  It was such a great feeling then.  No wonder so many people want that feeling to come back and stay put.

You would be surprised how a scent can make someone behave in such a fashion in the first place.  There seems to be no better feeling than having someone adore and want you with such intensity in life.  It is a good feeling and I know it so well since the introduction of pheromones in my life.  The sex is more aggressive and passionate when it was clearly dull and doubtful. I have been there and done that. Now the past is nothing but history now.

Sometimes you need to experience the lack of attention from your spouse to really appreciate the times that  you could really have with them.  The passion of togetherness, when intimacy is involved, can greatly improve many aspects of a dull and boring marriage.  Many couples are spicing up their life with a subtle scent that can really go a long way if used properly. You know which one I’m talking about.  The scent that drives the opposite sex wild for you when you least expected it.  Mmm, what a feeling that is to have.


Here are some more ideas to get the attention you need:

  • Focus on the other person attentively. Ask them leading questions about there lives, work and interests.
  • Pay attention and make sure you Listen very closely to them.
  • Try to make them feel as important as they can be.
  • Allow yourself to show sympathy, support, encouragement, or even pamper there feelings of self importance.
  • Make them feel great about themselves that they want to keep coming back to experience more of what you have to offer them.
  • Surprise them with new things as often as you can.
  • Make sure to compliment each other daily and see how far it gets you when the night arrives.
  • Show as much energy and vitality as you can.  This will show them that you are up to whatever can happen.

Pheromones for Women to Attract Men

Pheromones for Women to Attract Men

Here are some of the unique pheromones for women to attract men in .  Below we have Jo women, Mistress pheromones, Tempt, Female pheromones and Hide pheromones. The one that looks like a Peacock in the Blue bottle is called “Attract men”.  I’m sure they could have come up with a more original name though.  Although I do like the bottle.  They need to make more like these. You see, women do a have a variety to choose from the so many that are already out there. Mistress seems to be one of the popular ones though that I have seen.

HIDE-Pheromone-for-Women-10-Milliliter 34134 system jo women pheromone Pheromones-Only-for-Women-Perfume-Cologne tempt-wommanx-pheromones OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA pheromones_f

Unscented Pheromones for Men

Unscented Pheromones for Men

Most of the listed items below are unscented version of pheromones that you can easily wear alone or with a fragrance of your own.  Some people prefer to wear unscented version so they can still wear what they initially wanted to wear.

The use of pheromones to attract women have been around for while now and they have been increasingly effective to attract women closer to men. Some of my favorites are the unscented version that I wear along my favorite cologne.  Just a dab or two is good enough for what I need it for.

Remembering not to overdo the spray and you should be fine.  Not much of anything is never good.  Using a subtle approach is the best method for attracting women.

Usually after a shower is the best time to add pheromones on the skin, along with your favorite scent.  Unless you are going with the scented versions.

Pheromones increase the effects of attraction that a normal fragrance would have the limitation of doing. My most preferred method of wearing pheromones are usually the unscented versions because they work so well on my skin.

Below we have Alfa Maschio, Alpha, W.A.G.G., Arouse RX, Certo, Glace, Maxim Pheromones and Overdose.

104_Alpha-7-Unscented_ 153179618_-what-a-great-guy-pheromones-unscented-for-men-beauty alfamaschio1-unscented arouse-rx-sex-pheromones-men-unscented-cologne-additive-attract-women_68674_300 Glace-pheromones maxhim pheromone Certo pheromone cologneOverdoseLarge



Musky Pheromones for Men

Musky Pheromones for Men

Here we have a list of slightly musky pheromones for men to attract women.  The list includes Scented Scent of Eros, Pherlure, Alter Ego and Chikara pheromones.  I have used them all and they are work quite well.  Although I do prefer the Chikara and Scent of Eros.  Some of the listed  items below are roll on, spray or dropper bottles.

Depending on your preference , you can determine which one would suit you the most.  I always like the spray but sometimes the roll on goes great at night.  The Scent of Eros is the roll on that I use during the nights because it is seductive, hidden and goes unnoticeable.

I also like this one very much. (Scent of Eros). If you are looking for something effective you can’t go wrong with these. Only you can determine which is best for you depending on the experience you want to achieve in attracting women closer to you with effective pheromones.

123_Alter-Ego-for-men_ best-pheromone-perfume-for-guys Scent_Of_Eros_Unscented_For_Men__82405.1356581025.1280.1280

Pherlure Pheromone Cologne

Floral Pheromone Perfumes – Women Attract Men

Floral Pheromone Perfume for women to attract men.  Here are a number of varieties I found that are floral and have pheromone content in them.  They act in place of the designer fragrance that most people buy.  Of course these are hidden with pheromone to attract men close to women.  Below you will find “Simply Sexy, Amor Amor by Cacharel, FM, Yes and Realm for women.”

Unlike the unscented version, these floral pheromones have a way of seducing a man when you lest expect it.  I have spoken to people that put a dab on in the morning and for the rest of the day they get attention from men.

The allure of a floral scent infused with pheromones can really create such a delightful mood in men that could increase conversation, eye contact, invitations to dinner and so forth.

Pheromones are an interesting approach to effectively attract men closer to women.  These are no different.

The good thing about pheromone bottles is that they are always small enough and portable enough to transport anywhere where the pheromone scent is needed.  Just one or two sprays on the pulse points will usually do the trick for the most effective results in any social setting.

floral pheromone perfumes simply sexy floral pheromone perfumes FM floral pheromone perfumes amor amor - cacharel floral pheromone perfumes (4)yes floral pheromone perfumes (1) relam women

No 9 Bask Pheromone

product6Finally a new and sophisticated bottle has arrived which brings out true sophistication and genius behind it. This classy and sensuous bottle portrays the seductive feel and look that is associated with attracting members of the opposite sex that much closer to you.

This is a new pheromone fragrance – The Gold Label for men attracts women. The white label is for women attracting men. It has been introduced and is now known as Bask No. 9. it has a minimum of 98.8% pheromone content of Adrostenone.

The Gold Label for is Men Attracting Women
The White Label is for Women Attracting Men
N o. 9 BASK contains Androstenone and copulins wich creates “Pure Sexual Indulgence!”

This is a 2 years supply’s of the worlds strongest Copulins ever made! 99% pure female sex Copulins for men and women. You can seduce and entice anyone that is around you vicinity! This is to be used daily by itself or with any of your favorite designer fragrances. The Elite Class bottles are all hand crafted and are produced in Milan Italy.

Here is their site.

Chikara vs. Certo Pheromones

ChikaraThere is no doubt that Chikara smells better than Certo but when it comes to quantity, Certo is more cost effective. Chikara smells great but doesn’t come in enough juice for what you pay for a cologne spray. Certo’s unscented version is great because you can wear it with your own fragrance anyways.

Although I have used both, quantity and price wins me over every time. Certo’s spray bottle affordable and plenty to go around for a long time. And even though Chikara smells the best and does work on me, you would have to make up your own mind depending on how your budget it like. It feels great to see your girlfriend or wife tell you that Chikara smells the best.

You just wish there was enough to go around for all the future times that you need it. I usually add about 3 sprays for each, but if you continuously do so fir the Chikara bottle, you will soon enough realize that you may have to be buying more in the future. Although both are great, quantity is better.




Certo pheromone cologne


Certo vs. Alfa Maschio Pheromones

Certo pheromone cologne


When it comes to high quality pheromones, you can’t go wrong with alpha dream products. Most people ask, what are the differences between Certo and Alfa Maschio? Although subtle, you can tell that Certo is really made for already established couples that want to maintain longevity in their relationship. Alfa Maschio is more designed for direct dating and meeting new women because of the abundance of pheromone content involved.

Certo is smooth and can really calm down and relax the wearer and others around them which about more if a trusting factor and environment. I have seen this first hand in relationships as well as standing in line in the grocery isle. Alfa Maschio is straight forward Alpha Male quality juice that can make a woman know that a man means business.

Pheromones that produce an alpha male quality tend to be known as aggressive bringers of women without much effort. But like I said, if you are already in a relationship, Certo is the way to go because its not too forward like Maschio. So, depending on your situation, its always good to see both sides of the story before making any decisions to buy anything.




Alfa Maschio pheromone cologne


Pheremones that can make a person popular

Can using pheremones make you popular? Most seem to think so. Either scented or unscented makes no difference. Wearing them really seem to keep you and others more relaxed and sociable. Although, most people wear unscented versions, there still seems to be a popularity structure on place. Especially, when using pheremones on the skin or on clothes. Many people equate this to enhancing the mood and sexual desires among those around you. An unscented secret weapon in the dating and social scene is quite regarded as the mist strategic way to get mire noticed and the attention required by others. Married husbands and wives have been using pheremones before bedtime to enhance romantic and memorable experiences in bed. They say that if you can make your partner desire you with scent, then you must know what you are doing to maintain longevity in the romance department. No wonder so many people have it right. Amplifying and enhancing any intimate situation can surely lead to memorable results in the end. Take my word for it by experience. :)

Leather N10Z Intense Pheromone cologne for men

leather pheromone cologne

A pheromone cologne that finally smells like leather.

N10 Intense is great to wear during interviews and sales meetings.

Overall it can be used in the office because it has that automatic office vibe.

The erotic and sophisticated smell of leather combined with a pheromone blend that enhances social status can be of quite significance.

This 2 oz bottle is much larger than other pheromone cologne bottles out there. Although the price tag is kind of steep.


  • 2 fl oz. Male pheromone cologne bottle
  • Scent of leather, infused with synthetic pheromones
  • A more Intense style LEATHER

List of Top Pheromone Perfumes That Will Drive Him Crazy

688-03109491Women these days have so many tactics to get a man’s attention, that it almost works every time for them.  Some are luckier than others though.I am about to tell you why.

Unlike the designer fragrances that are so abundant out there, women are turning to pheromones to get the extra kick needed to get the attention of a man.

Adding pheromones with your fragrances  can double or triple your chances of achieving that.

When it comes to women, copulins is the main content in pheromone perfume that will drive men crazy for them.

A most definite increase inattention,affection, eye contact, touching, flirtation conversation and so much more.

Need more proof?

When women are in their menstrual cycle, men are more touchy feely towards them.  This is because they are releasing a large amount of copulins from within during this time.

But, if you can get synthetic copulin pheromones in a bottle and spray it on your skin and body, this will drive men even crazier for women. An invisible seductive force is at play here to sensualize any ordinary situation into something more interesting and intimate.

Below I have complied a broad list of the top pheromone perfumes that will drive him crazy for your attention. This is through experience ladies. So, here it goes:


  1. Liquid Trust Pheromones
  2. Max Attraction Silk
  3. Essence of a Woman Pheromones
  4. Achar Pheromones
  5. Alpha-7 Unscented Pheromones
  6. Charme Pheromones
  7. Scent of Eros Pheromone Perfume for Women
  8. Primal Instinct Unscented for Women
  9. Edge Trust Pheromone Spray
  10. Passion Copulin Concentrate
  11. Alter Ego for Women Pheromone Perfume
  12. Pheromax Mini for Women
  13. Scent of Eros Pheromones Unscented

Ten by Intense Gay Pheromones Review

ten by intense pheromone cologne

Ten  pheromone cologne is a fresh smelling slightly citrusy scent mixed with cedarwood and patchouli.It really does stimulate the senses and has gotten a lot of good reviews online This is one of the first gay pheromones out there.

Although, there are others that do work better in my opinion.

The only downfall of this great scent is its high price tag reach over 60+ dollars in retail.

But it seems to do a pretty good job in attracting other men. Especially if you are gay.

L’ uomo gay pheromones seems to do a better job in my opinion and experiences. Its potent pheromones deliver such amazing results that you would have to try it for yourself.  No need to spend so much money when L’ uomo pheromone cologne works great, if not better.

TEN by Intense was launched in 1999 and  is the first fragrance formulated with the unique male-to-male pheromone formula to attract other men.



“Check out L’ uomo gay pheromones here”


Pure Instinct Pheromone Cologne Review



My friend owns this and I used it while visiting one day. Afterwards, I HAD to buy my own for my birthday!

What I love about this is that initially this oil based perfume/pheromone has a sweet smell (I don’t like THAT smell. Smells like sweet candy grapes, maybe?) but as it blends with your own personal chemistry, it changes to your smell and the initial sweet smell of the product is gone. So each person has their own smell- musky, fruity, deep and sensual, wide and complicated, smokey, etc. I like to say that that’s what I really truly smell like, the smell I have when I use this product on my skin.

I gave this 4 stars because your smell fades so quickly. BUMMER! I wish I could bottle up MY smell, as it develops from this product, and spray that on me all the time!!

I think this product works best when applied in areas where you might sweat more, because your sweat aka your natural pheromones, mix with this product to produce more of your natural smell— or something like that. Simply put, if you sweat in the same area where you applied this, you can smell YOU more. So areas like the back of your neck, the crease in your elbow, and maybe for those who have boob cleavage (and who sweat in there?), THERE! lol! That would work best for the sexual enhancement this is, as well as a perfect place to draw men towards. hahahaha (I also noticed that if I put this on my neck, while blow drying my hair afterwards, the heat of the air brings out the pheromone smell. So it might just be wherever your body warms up vs. where you sweat.)

Last, about the pheromones themselves– I did not know if the pheromones themselves worked but did not buy this bottle for that purpose. Irregardless, I wanted to test it out. I brought this bottle to a co-ed relaxed evening of hanging out, and I had actually peeled the label off this bottle before I brought it. I told everyone that this was an oil that brings out your natural smell. Everyone wanted to try so I rubbed a bit on everyone’s forearm, girls and guys alike. No one knew what it really was (winky winky). After 15 minutes we started to smell each other to see what our personal smell was like, and lemme tell yah! The guy I was not attracted to, after I smelled him and noticed he smelled like deep woods, OH MY! Hold me back! And that’s when I realized this stuff can work wonders. Because I myself, a pretty stable and centered person who doesn’t easily fall for people or whims, was suddenly quite attracted to Mr. Deep Woods smell over there. I had to sit across the room so as to stop myself from leaning into him. HA!!! Very fun experiment.

So overall, great product. One less star bc MY natural smell which I LOVE, didn’t last long. But, I will purchase again!

Read the reviews here

True Alpha Pheromones Review


True Pheromones TRUEAlpha – The Ultimate Oil Based Pheromone For Men

This is another Alpha male effect oil based pheromone that produces confidence sex appeal and really does have a lot of pheromones in it. If you are looking for Sex appeal, status, trust, respect this has all the qualities for it. Demanding the attention and respect from both men and women will certainly bring you the charm you need.

TRUE Alpha men’s pheromone cologne is a potent slow release pheromone oil additive for men. Apply one drop to a warm area of your body close to the pulse points, such as behind each of the ears, and increase drops as you discover the best amount to achieve your desired results.

If you want to feel like you are king of the world achieving extreme masculinity and dominance, this may be what you need.  Wearing too much may make you seem like you are coming on too strong, so know your own dosage and skin requirements.  Adding copulins which may cost extra, may help soothe this aggressive behavior.  Oil based pheromones last quite a while.  Usually up to 8 to 10 hours.  So apply with caution and use wisely.


Total Pheromone Content :    13,334 mcg (47.6 mcg/drop)
Dosage:     1 to 5 drops MAX (risk of overdose)
Drops Per Bottle:      280 drops (+/- 10 drops)
Volume Per Bottle:    Total Volume     10ML
Pheromone Scent:   Unscented
Duration of Pheromone Effects:    8 to 10 hours (slow-release pheromones)

LIIK – License to Kill Pheromones



Price: $99.50

On Sale: $69.50

One of the most classiest in the line of Alpha dream. L II K for men is designed for men to attract women and to increase social status.

Very much similar to Alfa Machio pheromones with the enhances sociability factor included that made Glace so popular around everyone.

License to kill pheromones or LIIK as you may call still has the Alpha male qualities but with the vibe that makes others around you more comfortable than Alfa Maschio.

It makes you more approachable and sociable at the same time.

A lot of thought has been put into this one so that the wearer can feel confident in its potency and delivery of attention from others.

You can’t go wrong with LIIK because of its predecessors and the quality of this juice. The Alpha Dream brand is not only quality juice but the amount that is put in really does require attention. Other brands put a lesser amount of pheromones in their bottles.

But with LIIK and others along this line, you will fell more like you didn’t get ripped off of only getting a little bit of juice.

That’s why I do recommend this brand line to anyone who listens. Its effectiveness is phenomenal when around others.  Deer in headlights?  Yes.  An attention getter when you walk by others?  Yes.  A strategic advantage each and every time you go out?  Yes.

There are two versions of this that have been released.  Original” (v.1) and Version 2 (v.2)


Description:- contains: 1.2 fl oz (36 mL) per bottle
– applications: ~ 230 sprays per bottle
– cyclomethicone, alcohol [4:1]

Pheromone contents:

(Version 1): 29.5 mg / 36mL Bottle
(Version 2): 35 mg / 36mL bottle

Hax Pheromones Best Sellers List

1. Holy Grail


PHEROMONE COMPOSITION (DOSE):   Androstadienone (x2), Androstenone (x2), alpha-Androstenol (x3), beta-Androstenol (x3), Androsterone, Epiandrosterone (x2), Androstanone, Androstadienol (x3), Estratetraenol, DHEA Sulfate, Oxytocin, Copulins

PHEROMONE CONTENT:  49.9 mg/bottle (10, plus Oxytocin and Copulins)


DOSE:  2-5 sprays

EFFECTS:  Rock Star Alpha Status, Deep Conversation and Eye Contact, Youthful Bonding, Approachable Ice Breaker, Millionaire Suit


Rock Star Alpha Status, Deep Conversation and Eye Contact, Youthful Bonding, Approachable Ice Breaker, Millionaire Suit



2. Element X


PHEROMONE COMPOSITION (DOSE):  Androstadienone (x2), Androstenone (x2), alpha-Androstenol (x3), beta-Androstenol (x3), Androsterone, Epiandrosterone (x2), Androstanone (x2), Androstadienol (x3), Estratetraenol, Oxytocin, Copulins

PHEROMONE CONTENT:  48.1 mg/bottle (9, plus Oxytocin)


DOSE:  2-3 sprays

TOP EFFECTS: Social Dominance, Respect, High Society Alpha Status, Decreased Inhibitions, Smooth Bonding and Wall Breaker

SELF-EFFECTS:  Humor and Elevated Mood


3. Pherocide


PHEROMONE COMPOSITION (DOSE): Androstadienone (x2), Androstenone (x2), alpha-Androstenol (x3), beta-Androstenol (x3), Androsterone, Epiandrosterone (x2), Androstanone (x2), Androstadienol (x3), Estratetraenol, Oxytocin, Copulins

PHEROMONE CONTENT: 42.4 mg/bottle (8, plus Oxytocin and Copulins)


DOSE: 2-3 sprays

TOP EFFECTS: Icebreaker, Attraction, Dominance, Extroversion, Youthfulness, Friendliness, Respect, Comfort, Trust, Sexiness, Millionaire Suit

SELF EFFECTS:  Under Current Review



4. Lady Killer


PHEROMONE COMPOSITION (DOSE):  Androstadienone, Androstenone (x2), alpha-Androstenol, beta-Androstenol, Androsterone, Epiandrosterone, Androstanone, Androstadienol, Estratetraenol, 7-keto DHEA, Copulins

PHEROMONE CONTENT: 25.8 mg/bottle (10, plus Copulins)


DOSE: 2-5 sprays

EFFECTS: Icebreaker, Attraction, Respect, Alpha-male Superiority, Comfort, Youthfulness, Excitement, Arousal

SELF-EFFECTS: Natural Feeling


5. Raw


PHEROMONE COMPOSITION:  Androstadienone (x2), alpha-Androstenol (x2), beta-Androstenol (x2), Androsterone, Epiandrosterone, Androstanone (x2), Androstadienol

PHEROMONE CONTENT: 25.6mg/bottle (7)


DOSE: 2-5 sprays

EFFECTS: Group Easiness and Acceptance – Men and Women, Chattiness, Respect, Friendliness, Trust

SELF-EFFECTS: Elevated mood


6. Extreme Alien


PHEROMONE COMPOSITION (DOSE):  Androstadienone, Androstenone, alpha-Androstenol (x3), beta-Androstenol, Androsterone, Androstanone (x2), Androstadienol, Copulins

PHEROMONE CONTENT: 25.7 mg/bottle (7, plus Copulins)


DOSE:  2-5 sprays

EFFECTS:  Attraction, Sexiness, Status, Respect, Excitement



7.  C4 Extreme


PHEROMONE COMPOSITION (DOSE):  alpha-Androstenol (x3), beta-Androstenol (x2), Epiandrosterone (x2), Androstadienone (x2), Oxytocin

TOTAL PHEROMONE CONTENT: 26.4mg/bottle (4, plus Oxytocin)


EFFECTIVE DOSE: 2-5 sprays

TOP EFFECTS: Group acceptance and easiness, Trust, Approachability, Extroversion, Icebreaking

SELF-EFFECTS: Elevated mood


List of the Top Sexy Pheromone Scents That Will Drive Her Crazy!

photo(28)List of sexy scents that will drive her crazy.  These are the current and top trends that are shaping the new landscape of the dating scene.  It is not only imperative but a most have in your pocket or if your an on the go person.
I have used about half of these and and can say that Chikara smells awesome and I have had wondrous results from this one.
I use liquid trust for interviews and scent of eros in bed at night because it is just a roll on and I have the unscented version so it would not be detectable.
Making yourself irresistible to women is a feeling that can’t be described in plain words. I have had many unexpected opportunities from bot mature and younger women depending on what I use at any given day. So, if your going to get a scented pheromone cologne, you better make it a good one. Happy easy hunting!
  1. Chikara Pheromone Cologne for Men
  2. Glace
  3. Alfa Maschio
  4. Liquid Trust Pheromones
  5. Max Attraction Gold
  6. Scent of Eros Pheromones for Men
  7. Chikara Pheromones Gel for Men
  8. 7ml Mens New Pheromone additive (Boxed)
  9. Alpha-7 Unscented Pheromones
  10. 15 ML Mens New Pheromone Additive (Boxed)
  11. SOE Gel Packs for Men
  12. Alpha 7 Scented for Men
  13. Chikara UNSCENTED for men

How to Attract Other Men with Gay Pheromones

Gay-Men-Holding-HandsGetting the attention you want from another man doesn’t have to be so hard these days.

Even though there are the average designer fragrances out there, I have seen unscented pheromones that can turn men’s heads as you walk past them.  An incredible feeling for sure!

Spraying the pulse points with gay pheromones can last up to six hours time and can have a range of ten feet from the wearer.

1.  Wear gay pheromones when they least expect it.  Keep in pocket when ready to use.

2.  Add on all pulse point on the skin.  Which include behind the ears, wrists and below the elbows.

3.  Gay pheromones is the new trend in strategic gay dating.

Here is a pheromone experience from a user that wrote in:

From: Adam in LA-

I was out having dinner with friends and decided to use L’uomo pheromones that evening.

I have used it before and had great results. There is something about it that works great on gay men than the others out there.

Anyways, I put on 4 sprays because this stuff was unscented and used my own fragrance on top of it.

You wouldn’t believe the amount of attention I was getting from other guys.  One guy slipped a number on my table as he walked by.

I called him the next day and we are meeting up soon.  It’s true when they say that the max area is about 10 feet away from you. I am loving this.

Next day I wore some for him but only 3 sprays and he could get his hands off me.

I am almost halfway through the bottle and rest assured I will get some more from here.

Without these reviews and experiences, it would have been harder to decide. Love it and will always add it to my arsenal of fragrances.


lumoamore gay pheromones Best Gay Pheromones – Pheromones for Men to Attract Men

Learn more about L’uomo Gay Pheromones



Using Pheromones in a Marriage

Using Pheromones in a MarriageIs it safe to say that using pheromones could enhance a marriage it it is starting to get boring?

Most couples are looking for alternative ways to get the attention from their spouse like they once used to.

There is no doubt that during the passing of years couples may not have the same sex appeal that they once had for each other.

There are many articles online about this issue.  But will the pheromones be enough to gain that attention needed?

Let me put it to you this way, when a women is on her period, she is releasing tons of pheromones called copulins.

That is why they say that when a woman is on heat, she is most attractive and gets most of the attention due to the strong pheromones surrounding her for an average of 4 days.

Some women can have periods up to 11 days or even longer.

Some advantages for pheromones are as followed below:

1. Spray your sheets or pillows with unscented or scented pheromones

2. spray your car with pheromones if you are expected a date

3.  Keep a pheromone spray handy in your car or pocket for whenever you need it.

4.  Mixing pheromones with liquid trust or oxytocin may work wonders for you. – women love trust

5.  Use pheromones as a covers scent to your favorite fragrance.  They will never know.

6.  Watch their reaction when you are around them.  Phermones produce such amazing results for them as well as for yourself.

7.  I have even found myself quite hornier wearing human pheromones.  Go figure!  :)

Top 3 Pheromone Fragrances For Women?

pheromones-to-attract-menHere are some opinions on the top 3 pheromone fragrances for women.

Although women have different tastes these are sure to give you some ideas to what you may be looking for as far a a pheromone perfume to wear on the skin or clothes.

Some of the most preferable ones are as follows in my experience:

  1. Liquid Trust Pheromones
  2. Essence of a Woman Pheromones
  3. Alpha-7 Unscented Pheromones
  4. Scent of Eros Pheromone Perfume for Women
  5. Primal Instinct Unscented for Women
  6. Edge Trust Pheromone Spray – New!
  7. Passion Copulin Concentrate
  8. Alter Ego for Women Pheromone Perfume
  9. Pheromax Mini for Women
  10. Scent of Eros Pheromones Unscented

What are the seductive scents?

seductive scentsSome of the most common seductive scents are cinnamon, pumpkin, rose,  jasmine and licorice. Although, it does depend on each person perspective.

So are there any love potions? Saffron is the worlds most expensive spice and is said to corrupt virgins. Go figure!

You are immediately drawn to people in the animalistic sense with a persons natural smell (body odor) when they wear something.

And every time you see them again, you associate them with that particular scent each and every time.

Awesome Pheromone Cologne Collections

Here are some awesome pheromone cologne collections.  If any of you out there have your own, put a comment below and send me a picture of your collections and I will add it to this post.  Thanks!

pheromone collections (2)


pheromone collections (1)


pheromone collections (3)

Strange Mushroom Scent Triggers Female Orgasms?

  • OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAn article in the International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms describes a strange and wonderful practice in Hawaii: women gather together to search for a particular mushroom. When they find it, they sniff it. The scent of this mushroom causes sexual arousal, often to the point of orgasm.The article describes a trial where 20 men and 16 women were asked to smell the mushroom. All of the men found the smell disgusting. All the women showed signs of arousal, and six experienced orgasm from the smell. The study noted that the women who did climax were the first women to smell it, while those who smelled it later (when it was older and weaker) noticed fewer effects.

One woman said she wanted to “gobble it up.”

Could it Be Real?

Is this the Holy Grail of aphrodisiacs? A scent so potent that a few whiffs can send a woman over the cliff? Something that could be put in a time-released capsule for women with arousal disorders? The ultimate secret ingredient for the ultimate chocolate aphrodisiac?
A few people I talked with about this mushroom immediately decided that it was a hoax. Impossible, they say.
One person asked if the male and female chemistry are so vastly different that any chemical could cause repulsion in one gender and body-shaking ecstasy in the other? And how would it affect gay men or lesbian women?
I have corresponded with one of the authors of the paper; he is a respected mushroomologist (or mycologist if you want to be scientifically correct). He put his reputation on the line by publishing the article, and he has little to gain if it is a hoax.
Aphrodisiology has written about the truffle, which is is another mushroom that produces steroid pheromones. And some species of stinkhorn are eaten as aphrodisiacs in China.
Reading a report like this makes the old government plan to develop an Aphrodisiac Weapon a bit less loony.

Notes on Stinkhorns

Dictyophora indusiata
Stinkhorns usually do stink. They have evolved to spread their spores by attracting flies – which is easy when you smell fetid like rotting flesh. But apparently this type of Dictyphora tries to smell bad, nasty and naughty instead of plain foul. And it randomly mutated to produce some type of pheromone or neurotransmitter or drug.
The mushroom in question is described as a new species in the genus Dictyphora or Phallus, or possibly as a new variety of a known species, Dictyphora indusiata.
It’s no coincidence that the spelling for the genus Phallus looks like the word phallus, which is Latin for dick. Stinkhorns are definitely phallic symbols – and one variety may be much more than a symbol, as it appears to rock her world in a way that mere mortals cannot.

References the article: Holliday, J.C. and N. Soule, “Spontaneous Female Orgasms Triggered by Smell of a Newly Found Tropical Dictyphora Species.” International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms, 2001, vol. 3, pp 162-167.


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Alpha 7 .. one of my favorite products!!

alpha 7Alpha 7 .. one of my favorite products !!

After using Alpha 7 for years .. and having ton´s of fun with it ..

there was always something i did not understand ..

I always had the feeling that the attraction i get from Alpha 7 is different like the one i get from other None products

it produces not the harsh None hits like Primal Instinct does .. and it works pretty good on guy´s ..

Alpha 7 gives me hits with a smile in the womens face and the pretty light up when they are exposed to the stuff

more is explained below ..

I suspect that …Alpha 7 is …. 6 parts Androsterone and 1 part None ..

my belief is based on my observations on my comparisions .. and on the extensive use of Alpha 7

that´s what would match my testing and the results i get with it ..

( the product description says that it´s vice versa … it says that Alpha 7 is 6mg none and 1mg Androsterone )

i´ve been using it mostly in combination with Xcite wipes ..and i was always wondering why the Xcite wipes did not work with other none Stuff like Primal Instinct ..and The Edge or New Pheromone Additive .. or with straight None ..
Xcite wipes work like magic with Alpha 7 ( add a bit P79 and it´s even better )

I´ve tryed this combo instead of Alpha 7 with A314 .. and Bingo .. same results ( little bit more direct attraction .. maybe due to the other ingredients in A314 )

Nbully thanked Jasmin in 2006 for bringing out A314 … he would not had any use for the Xcite wipes otherwise … did not work as standalone and with other stuff ..

i always thought that it´s due to the secrets in Alpha 7 ( site 71 on Love Scent main forum … does not work now but there´s the thread about the best test of Alpha 7 )
there are some novel mones in Alpha 7 .. not only Androsterone and None … SURPRISE ??
Dementi from Bruce until i pointed toward the thread ( this was when it was still working )

And i was wondering because i did not get a None built up with Alpha 7 .. like i do with Primal Instinct or with other none heavy stuff
my combo is 1Xcite wipe and 10 …. !! Drops Alpha 7 ( in words 10 drops )

next thing that make me wonder is why P96 did work that well with Alpha 7 and with A314 but not with none Stuff ..
P96 is pure gold when combined with Androsterone .. but it´s not that good with None …
the attraction i´d get from A314 + P96 and Alpha 7 + P96 was pretty similar …. large googley eyes … deer in headlight look .. or call it doggy dinner bowl look like Ross Jeffries likes it to call ..
the effects with a None product were absolute different ..
when i was wearing P96 with a Androsterone product i´ve always been commented on how great i smell … this never happened with a None product ..

next thing was that i was combining Alpha 7 with P80 … and P80 does not really work with Androsterone .. this combo makes it the military mone …
with some P97 it should be not that big problem that there is a small amount of Androsterone in Alpha 7 like stated … but there was no way to get it workin ..
( i´ve played around a lot with None products when i was working on improving my P80 mix and so i combined everything with None in what i had .. and this is a lot like most of you guy´s know with the other ingredients .. P80 and P79 and and and )

next thing was the strong sweet Androsterone pissy smell that A314 and Alpha 7 have in common .. not the acidy strong None scent like with other none products … ( the Edge or MX353 )

And the guy on roids that i see every now and then in the gym ..whom i know from clubbing which always comments on how bad i stink with none products on .. does not comment on Alpha 7 and on A314 …

well ..now to what conclusion do we come ???

I just wanted to share because i want to hear others opinions on my observations ..

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My impressions of Chikara pheromone cologne

Smell: I think of Chikara as Earl Grey because I really like Earl Grey tea and something about the smell reminds me of it. It suits me, especially after the first hour or so.

Dose: Two sprays, one on wrists and one on neck

Self-effects: Consistently causes a little knot in my stomach for the first couple of hours and has an appetite suppression effect on me.

General effects: People are friendly, open, and respectful. Sometimes only a little more than usual, sometimes a lot. Women more so than men.

Crazy hit:
1. The most conventionally-beautiful girl I work with, whom I get on well with, said to me “Wow, a lot of vaginas in this room. How many have you had recently?” Three or four people overheard her, too! I looked her in the eyes, smiled, and asked “Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?” She blushed.

Nice hit:
1. Another woman at work, who is attractive and friendly to me, constantly wants to find reasons to pat me on the back or rub my head (I shave my head) She also calls me by my full name all the time (first and last) and pronounces it with flair. Recently she said “I heard some women talking about you earlier today!” and put her hand on my shoulder. I said “It’s been known to happen!”

I’ve only worn Chikara in the daytime and have not worn it to a social setting yet.

Note:  I personally think it smells like curve for men and isone of the best scented pheromone cologne blends out there.

Does ammunition pheromone work?


Question:  Does ammunition pheromone worammunition-pheromonesk?

Answer: Ammo does work, but will it work for you and your goals? I’ll tell you if you give us some more info about yourself

What do you want it to help you with? Whats your personality like? how old are you? hobbies? and what are your strengths and weakness’s, that’s important.

Ammo is generally good for everybody in conveying a cool sexy guy vibe, its an all round product that helps attraction, respect and communication.


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My Pheromone Haul and what I am using

Here are the pheromone that I currently have in my arsenal.  Of course the ones on top are the ones that I am currently using and would recommend because they are unscented and it is just my preference.


How to attract beautiful women with pheromones?

Pheromone2How do men attract women with pheromones. Don’t all men carry their own pheromones already naturally?  This has been the question for ages.

The answer is yes but when you take showers they usually come off again.  Celery can increase pheromones in humans.

Unscented and scented pheromones are what people are using to gain a secret advantage over others.  They work well and are effective inhibitors of sex appeal and enticement.

For me, several unscented pheromone sprays on the wrist and pulse pulse on each side of the neck and then by using a fragrance over it can really make a difference when in an intimate encounter trying to attract women with pheromones.

It really doesn’t matter where you go to increase flirtation, eye contact and communication when among other people. Give it a try and see what I mean.

What are the best pheromones to attract women?

Pheromones-Attract-Women-500x300Since there are so many pheromones out there you definately want to target the right ones that really show in effect on women.  If you really want to go under the radar, an unscented pheromone is the way to go.

Most of the scented pheromone fragrances are too strong for the senses so the best way to go is unscented with your own designer or niche fragrance to cover it up.  This works well except remember to use it on the pulse points of the wrist and neck.

You don’t want to use a pheromone cologne that gets you agitated like Nexus pheromones.  If you are going to use it anyways keep it on the wrist and stick with unscented versions of pheromones instead. You don’t want to give yourself away now do you?

For me, Certo,  Glace and Alfa Maschio work really well because they come unscented and they don’t overwhelm the senses.

This is what I like and what I am using at the moment. You may want to give them a try from this site to learn more about them by looking at the pheromone concentration and results from the forum.

Intimate Pheromone Fragrance Men 1/2 Ounce Bottles

New Intimate Fragrance Men 1/2 Ounce Bottles


With these two bottles you can see how it a Cool Scent this light, cool, refreshing scent drives the women wild.  Keep it in your arsenal for achieving the women that the night calls out for.  Pheromones never cease to amaze me.

Alter Ego Pheromone Gel for Men

Alter Ego Pheromone Gel for Men

This sample pack of alter ego for men gel pack is easy to use and is ready for any occasion with enough pheromone concentration to get the job done right for the on the go man seeking to attract beautiful women. Attract women today with pheromone gel packs on the go. Buy as many as needed with cheap and affordable daily prices.

Contains at least:   0.08 mg pheromones in 1 ml of gel

Alter Ego Pheromone Gel for Women

Alter Ego Pheromone Gel for Women

Alter Ego Pheromone Gel for Women is contained in this small wrap for instant access to utilizing pheromones on the go.

Just wipe on the neck and pulse points and you are all set.

The is cheap and affordable pheromones for those that waste no time in applying pheromones on the go.

Instant,clean and easy to use.

Alter ego is one of the most subtle pheromone packet to wear and not too potent.  Just right for any occasion at hand.

5ml Roll-top glass pheromones in a bottle

5ml Roll-top glass bottle

These pheromone in a bottle can be rolled on at the pulse points of the wrists or neck accordingly.  These are portable and easy to use when needed on any occasion.  Just slip it out in public for an assured reaction from others.

The pheromone concentration is made my love scent to ensure highest satisfaction in quality for wearing pheromones.

Easy to apply with no mess what so ever. Learn more about roll on pheromones by clicking on the above image.

Sexual Attraction Secrets – Ways to Seduce a Woman

seduce womanYou have to know how to make a woman feel sexual attraction towards you if you are going to be able to seduce her. There is no magic bullet that will put a woman under your spell, you have to know how to make her feel like she wants you…


You have to know how to make a woman feel sexual attraction towards you if you are going to be able to seduce her. There is no magic bullet that will put a woman under your spell, you have to know how to make her feel like she wants you and that is it. Where most guys go wrong is, they try to convince a woman to be sexually attracted about them, and that will NEVER work. It has to be a FEELING.

Here are some ways to seduce a woman that will help you get laid:

1. Women are intrigued by a man that remains a mystery to them.

Do you want to get her into bed with you? Then you better know how to be a little aloof at the right times, so that she continues to see you as a bit of mystery that she just has to unravel. Giving a woman that kind of feeling will make you a LOT more sexual appealing, and that can be a good start to getting her to want to become intimate with you.

2. Seduce her by being the guy that she feels secure with.

One of the reasons why women love alpha males so much is because they are able to feel secure with a guy like that. You want to make sure that a woman sees you as the kind of guy she can be secure with if you want to seduce her and get her into your bedroom. You don’t have to be a muscle bound guy to make a woman feel this way, you just have to project the right alpha male attributes and she will automatically feel that way when she is with YOU.

3. You need to be able to do more than just talk to a woman.

You don’t want to be that guy that talks to a woman all night long and never makes the move on her. That won’t get you what you want. Being able to escalate things to a physical level is a MUST if you are going to be able to make her feel sexually attracted enough that she wants to do more than just flirt with you.

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Can You ‘Create’ Chemistry?

Create-Chemistry-pheromonesMost of us have probably spent a great deal of time trying to enhance our looks or making sure we say just the right things in an effort to win over that adorable guy who just might be Mr. Right.

However, what happens when Mr. Right (you know the type-he’s educated, successfully employed, well groomed, thoughtful, and respectful) does come along, but you just don’t feel any chemistry?

Is it worth trying to figure out whether you can make a go of it for the long-run or if you can MAKE chemistry happen?
Can You Create an Attraction to Someone?

Renowned psychologist and researcher Dr. Robert Epstein, who has expertise in interpersonal relationships and sexuality, believes it is possible for women to develop an attraction towards a man they admire.

“Women, in fact, are pretty good at that, maybe because they’ve had to be throughout history. So, women can do that to some extent. (However), men are very bad (at that), extremely bad; they are hopeless,” Epstein says.

According to Epstein, women can enable themselves to develop a physical attraction for someone because they are able to base their attraction on characteristics that are not just physical. “It’s probably not going to happen immediately, but over time women can, in fact, fall deeply either in love with or in lust with a man’s sense of humor, a man’s kindness, a man’s money, or a man’s power. For a lot of women, that turns into genuine physical attraction,” Epstein says.

For example, Epstein has a friend who isn’t exactly considered to be a stud, yet he ended up marrying a beautiful woman because he was always nice to her. “After quite a while, she developed feelings for him because he was persistent and helpful,” Epstein said.

“It’s going to take some time,” he added. “You can’t force (attraction), but I think probably a lot of women have the ability to cultivate it or to grow it.”

However ,”if you meet someone and you find that person to be revolting physically, it’s unlikely that that person can do much to suddenly create the perfect chemistry with you.”

Serena Wadhwa, Psy.D., LCPC, CADC, a Chicago-based clinical therapist who  specializes in stress addictions and relationships, points out that there is also a difference between sexual chemistry and being attracted to someone.

“I don’t believe you can ‘make’ yourself sexually want someone; however, you may be able to increase your attraction to someone, depending on what aspects of the person interests you. Your body, which I think is more of what sexual chemistry is about, responds the way it does based on a variety of factors (i.e., genetics, experience, abuse history, etc.). We may be attracted to someone, but this doesn’t imply a sexual chemistry.”
Can It Last?

When an attraction is developed versus one that is innate, experts say it is still just as possible that it will last over time. “It can last. I’ll give you a very famous example, a wonderful example, of one of the greatest romances of the last century,” Epstein says. “Charlie Chaplain’s fourth and final marriage, when he was in his fifties, was to the daughter of Eugene O’Neill, the famous writer; her name was Oona O’Neill. She was 19 years old when he met her. They each were deeply, deeply smitten with each other and he apparently never looked at another woman the rest of his life.”

“It was a real romance, but clearly she was smitten by characteristics other than his physical appearance because he was not youthful and strong at that point. He was rich and had some degree of power, but the main thing that he had was an extraordinary intellect. He was a very, very interesting person.”
Outside Influences

Pierre Lehu, who has co-authored a wide range of books from Sex For Dummies to the Top 10 Secrets for Great Sex, believes that in many cases, relationships are ended after a person’s friends or family members weigh-in with judgmental remarks, thereby ruining the attraction.

“I think a lot of the problem is peer pressure. I think if two people were on a desert island, it’d be a whole lot different,” Lehu says. Ultimately, relationships shouldn’t revolve around other people’s opinions, Lehu says. “(That) is sad because that’s not what matters. What matters is how you two feel, how two people feel.”

Lehu also encourages people to remember than no one is perfect and that all relationships involve compromise. “In fact, if you let love blind your eyes and only look at the pluses, one day your eyes will open and the relationship will be doomed. But if you can see the whole picture from day one, then you’ll never be disappointed and with a little effort, you can create a relationship that will last forever.”

Restoring Attraction

In the movie Ash Wednesday, Elizabeth Taylor played a married woman who had gained some weight and began to age. After finding out her husband Mark (played by Henry Fonda) was having an affair with a younger woman, she had a face-lift and got in shape. Sadly, her hopes that Mark would once again find her desirable were dashed because he still saw her in the same light.

“Once you are safe and secure within a marriage, most people let themselves go to some extent. Unfortunately, that can destroy the chemistry,” Epstein says.

There are also instances when someone does recognize another person as attractive but simply doesn’t feel any chemistry, Epstein adds.

In the end, say you can try to let chemistry develop if you are attracted to the person and the time may be well worth the effort.

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